Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mewayang and a book

For a couple of weeks had been watching movies with my husband... and many of those I like. But hey, I even like Legally Blondes (with the S), so my taste in movies can also be questionable.

The Hangover

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Manage to watch it last week and it was HILARIOUS. I was laughing out loud many, many times . The jokes were spot on and even the most wildly inappropriate one doesn't feel inappropriate. And I hate movies like Click, Ace Ventura, Pink Panther, and the likes. So this comedy feels refreshing, funny yet not slapsticky. I wonder how Hangover 2 is gonna play out?


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The story is kinda cheesy and cliche. I can basically know what is going to happen before it happened. But the visual effect and all those CGI thingies is really lovely. However how cheesy or cliche the story is, it is pretty watchable and worth your money for the blu ray or whatever new tech it might come up next.

500 Days of Summer

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Incredibly sweet and lovely tho a bit draggy at times. A story for the people who had gone through heartbreak and trying/used to figure out what went wrong. I like the concept of a non-linear storyline and IKEA must had sponsored a bulk of the expense eh. And maintaining the story from Tom P.O.V and leaving us to wonder about Summer at the same time as his, make us felt the same frustrations as he did. Why not him? Most of all , I like the story of a love that is not meant to be.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Because I will be malas to create another post here's my thoughts
  • Not as funny as I thought it would be
  • Not as gory as I thought it would be
  • Not funny, but pretty amusing from time to time. 
  • Seth Grahame Smith does change the storyline to a more satisfying end, especially to the villain of this story. I like this book ending rather than the original one.
  • I kinda hate Elizabeth on this book. I guess the talk of "I am the best warrior... bla bla bla" is kinda tiring and annoying. Because she said it almost every fricking time. 
  • Overall, I think the book is fun to read because of Jane Austen writing and the presence of zombies and the Longbourn girls as warriors is something of a fun twist to add to it. The illustrations help in adding fuel to the imagination, however I don't think it is that funny. In this book, I don't laugh, I merely smiled. So... I don't think so I will be buying Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters as I guess I enjoyed the original more.I would still watch the movie though.

Anyone out there got a more enjoyable zombies story books that they can recommend? Because I just thought that I seems to find a lot of vampires, demons and werewolves books but never zombies.


ska_ocean said...

Beb, alih2 rase nak baca blog ko... How's life after after maried?? Enjoy kan!

Dils said...

yups2... enjoy aje. hehe.

Hehe.. aku pon dah lama tak jenguk blog ko, then terdel link then lupa terus. Hehe..

ska_ocean said...

ok, skrg tau sudah mana mau cari kan... email aku fon# ko beb... aku cam teringin sgt nak jumpe ko, hang out ke ape ke... da 10 tahun x jumpe... tah canne la rupe kwn aku ni!

Dils said...

Hehehe.. tahu, tahu.

Email ko still affalia @ yahoo ka?

Jum2.. ade masa mari berjumpa! Rase cam neves plak nak jumpa ko. Wahahaha.. sebab 10 tahun tu lamaa tu.

And shit. Dah 10 tahun kite keluar dari SAKTI?

Obefiend Weiland said...

500 days of summer

that movie kinda reminds me of a shitty relationship

of my.......

ska_ocean said...

yup! affalia tu... aku dok puchong skrg neh.. leh je kite lepak mane2.. leh aku tgk hubby ko.. nebes lak... 10 tahun sume bende changed. a lot! x sabar nak jumpe.

FrH said...

aku rasa loser gileee sbb dah lama tak tengok wayang ..... :(

aku perlu aktif beli dvd harem supaya tidak ketinggalan.


ChesterChaz said...

haloo.. nice blog btw.. keep on blogging..


Dils said...

Yeah. The movie reminded me of heartbreak. I guess do not watch it when you really are in the midst of just breaking up.

Hanya 1 sahaja muvi di atas aku tengok kat wayang. hehehe.


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