Friday, December 11, 2009

Good God, Its Friday Y'all!

Ya know country is makin' a comeback and talkin this way is the shits!


Aku bangkrap bulan ni sebab kena bayar insurans kereta. My husband said I should save more. Bah!

Tapi maseh ade hati nak membeli hadiah-hadiah kahwin kepada mereka-mereka yang kahwin bulan disember ni. Its procreation month y'all. This week got a wedding which supposedly I should go to on Saturday, but made a last mins decision to go to the kenduri at Melaka right after a kenduri at Rembau on Sunday. Sheeesh. Next week got 2 weddings, naseb baik both in KL. And the Christmas week got 2 more weddings! And because one of them is in JB and the other in Kedah, we can only choose one kenduri to go to.

I think by next year, kurang sikit kut membe-membe mahu kahwin ini.

Was thinking to watch Natrah teater, but my pocket funds are reallllllyy lowwww like I said above and I couldn't even find a time to watch it as kalo weekdays jalan nak pergi Istana Budaya tu boleh turn me off to watch anything in good humour. And reading the reviews at (well, somewhat review la), macam nothing new to gain from it. I know of the case because ruangan membaca sekolah rendah aku dulu, kat belakang kelas was filled with Dewan Masyarakat nye old magazines and 2 of those old issues was dedicated to the case of Natrah. Very good read.

Maybe if they were to make a 'second' season out of it, will then see it. Like what they did on PGL and P.Ramlee the musical. Also, what is this second season shits? If its second season, like macam the tv series there is suppose to be continuation from the first season. Cakap je la "so-so musical" will be shown again for the year 2010 with these set of casts blabety bla bla... and don't tack the '2' at the end of the title, because it's misleading even though audience are not really a dumbass tapi still we feel weird of the '2' macam we are suppose to watch the '1' too. Geddit?

Okay got something of the utmost importance to do which is called husband and tanye betul ke idak ni nak tengok wayang.

p/s: edited at 7 pm because of really horrendous grammar

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