Friday, November 27, 2009

2nd Big Bad Wolf Books Haul

Since my husband needs to attend a meeting this morning I followed him to work and went back to JB around lunch hour after he had finished his meeting and me, my shopping. The awesome Big Bad Wolf Sales.


The sale start at 10 am, and I reached Amcorp Mall (naik LRT to station Taman Jaya) dalam 10 mins before 10. I was surprised to find lots of people waiting around the entrance. But its a warehouse sale. Cheap books! Of course loads of people gonna show up early. When it times to come in, it was utter madness. People scrambling everywhere to get books or reached the tables they want.

The goods
  • Loads of titles to choose from. Depends on your interest. But chic lit books got lots of nice authors.

  • Which bring me to another good point here: got Georgetthe Heyer!

  • Real cheap! Most of the books I seen there is RM8, even the big one.

  • The organizers had kindly organized which section is which so I can just ignore the section I never really care about (Self help books. Gah!)

  • Really friendly staffs. You couldn't find a more jovial warehouse sales staff at another place.    

    The gripes

  • The venue is small and the tables are pushed together closely to one another. No space to REALLY browse the books. But because the organizers had nicely arranged the books, all I have to do is look in between people shoulder and take the books I want.

  • The queue was terrible. It was haphazard, long winded, snaking all around the front shop lot and people have no idea where it start. People snappish behavior does not help when some people are asking where is the queue. Geez people, be nicer to people who wants to queue can you?

  • The inconsiderate trolley carriers who place their trolley haphazardly. At least the considerate one, manage to roll their trolley out of people path. There was one woman who is carrying a big trolley with a box on top of the trolley blocking a whole path of people wanting to come through. Ugh!

  • The really annoying boxes carrier who put their box on top of the rows of books that people are perusing. People needs to stop doing that at warehouse book sales unless there is no people around you.

  • Being not nice. Just because it is crowded, it does not excuse you of not saying 'excuse me' when you bumped into another people painfully. Yes, my back does hurt from your bucu kotak. A vague apology would be appreciated at the very least.

Yeah, my gripes are mostly on inconsiderate people. I guess the organizers had underestimated the number of people coming to the sales but credit is due to their arranging the books which saved me a lot of time in finding what I want to buy.

My haul?

By the way, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!


Anonymous said...

FFFFFF! dem kalah aku shopping buku. winrar sungguh kau haha.

Dils said...

Hahaha. Sah-sah aku memang sangat sukeee baca buku. Ko pegi jugak ke sales itu?

Obefiend Weiland said...

crichton book?

as soon as i finished my Clancy colletion i will be reading his books. i never even read Jurassic Park, Congo. Sphere and Timeline


nice new template!!

Soraya Zainal said...


aku nk g esok, seb baik cuti :P

tapi buku yg borong time penguin warehouse sale haritu pon x habis lg bace~

Dils said...


I like Jurassic Park and the Lost World. It is awesome and one of his best work.

Ikut kan hati mahu aje pegi lagi. Tapi sudah-sudah la tu kan. Haha.

Takpe, pikir at least save sikit dari membeli buku di Kinokuniya for several months.

shu said...

uwahhhh bestnya. bnyk giler beli buku. seronok!

Dils said...

wahaha... mmg best. lain kali try la pegi

Maine said...

So jealous of all the Julia Quinn books you snagged! :(

dils said...

the 2009 one got a lot of Quinn titles. The 2013 one not so much.

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