Thursday, November 12, 2009

From the home front

I am WFH today. Working from home for you ignorant of the abbreviation.

There are many, many times I questioned myself why I jumped into the technical line of IT (specifically programming!), because I am just plain crappy at it. But today I am glad at least for this job, I can WFH when I am down with flu because my MC is finish already.

The cats are also doubly glad that there are someone at home and is being INCREDIBLY active by darting in and out of everywhere excitedly pausing now and then in front of me kinda like conveying... OH! You are HOMEEEE~ There is someone at homeeeee~!!!!! We can run around at the front yard!!!!

Yeps the cats can be idiotic.


Anasfadilah said...

flu?sama la kita

siap batuk kong kang kong kang lagi

tak larat la

tapi kene keje jugak


Kasapsky said...

yurp. skrg mmg season senang dapat flu. Kena minum hot copy banyak2... Weather xmenentu skrg. Kalo hentam pil flu takut xleh bgn pagi. haha

taqiyuddin bakir said...

well dils, don't mistake your cat's behavior as enthusiasm for you being home. They're doing that to annoy you into not coming home as often. Because you know what... when you're not home, they'd usually invite the street strays, pop a vino or two and have wild party that'll most surely end up with intense wailing orgies.. right before you arrive home. good thing that you've spayed your cat.

Dils said...

Sekarang memamng musim. Takpe.. dah nak weekend ni. Bole rest bebetul.

Air limau panas! Win!

Tapi kenkadang makan pil flu tu berkesan sungguh. Makan je sebijik, terus hingus, batuk, rase sejuk tadek dah. Dan tak sentuh lagi dah pil pil yang lain.

Nah. They can't invite other cats to play because I locked em at the backyards. Tho the cat that can climb out the wall to the grill can have random day dates with any other tom cat any time of the day.

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