Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ring Marks on tables are EVIL

Let me count the ways on how I like Dila/Erni.

1. I think she's kinda an awesome blogger. Opinionated mummy blogger who doesn't follow trend, but make up her own rules and ways.

2. Even dengan ade Ziyyad (son) and family, a job that I don't quite get what she really do, she makes time to do her crafts and even set up her own part time entrepreneur projects on her free time for extra income.

3. Sebab die bagi aku free coaster and even thrown in a felt hair clip for moi. (Aku treat hair clip itu as my birthday present sebab I got it 2 days before my birthday, teehee).

Hehe. Ok tak introduction 2 point di atas itu untuk mengipas orang yang bagi barang free?

So, Erni had kindly gave me the coaster, which is easiest the prettiest thing on my bare desk because I had not decorated or put up anything remotely nice at all on that desk for the past months.

The coaster is made of cloth so its washable. The design is pretty, my one is ala-ala Japanese blossom gitu.  The bottom side is plain pink, not the same cloth as the one you saw above but probably to indicate mana atas or bawah.I have not stress test it or anything, so I can't guarantee it would be stain free or can tahan heat up to 100 degrees. It does do whatever coaster is suppose to do, which is not leaves ring mark on table. Why this is a NO, NO? It is ugly.

I hate ring marks. Especially on glass tables. And also work desk, because work desk is normally white, thus any marks easily visible and if you had not used coaster regularly, when you are bored out of your mind and your eyes seems to be wandering to your desk surface you will go anal looking at those ring marks and will try to find some tissue or cloth or paper even to wipe those off to no avail because those long ago ring marks, are now to stay.

Jeeez. So any of you suffering from a bad case of OCD or ADHD (short span of attention which then eyes wander to desk), buy a coaster.Or you know, you can also contact Dila and asked her to make you one. (Herrmmm adakah ini bermakna aku akan tempted untuk mintak Dila buat coasters bentuk sheeps for me....)

The coaster up close.

Oh yeah, the felt clip ituuuuu. Thank you. I love it very much and are currently wearing it like this

Spot the sheep!

p/s: Yeah, I think I needed to make a post sooner or later on my sheep collections.


Anasfadilah said...

apa daa kipas..hahaha

ye,silalah buat post pasal kambing-kambing mu itu..hehehhe

Obefiend Weiland said...

i agree

my little sister is very very good at crafts..

her brother is just good at making CRAPS


Dils said...

Hehehe. Later2 la buat. Satu hal nak mengumpul semua. Hahaha.. dasar malas.

Your craps can be considered as a sort of crafts. Heh!

FrH said...

gile post kipas .. haha ..
nnt dah ada baby bleh order nursing cover plak dr erni. nursing cover dia lawa-lawa :) (kipas jugak)

sheep collections??? cpt laa update!!

Dils said...

huhuhu. Memang lawa, baru beli jugak, tapi for my sister.

Huhuhu... nanti2 la update. Aku pemalas sket bab2 amik gamba ni.

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