Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shopgirl : A movie I watched 3 years ago and tetiba teringin nak blog about it

For as long as I can remember, if I start watching a movie. I mean really start watching a movie, (not sambil tengok sambil meandering buat mende lain) I would finish it. But I can't finish Shopgirl.

If you had never heard of it, well, good for you. Starring Claire Danes, Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman. I bought it on an impulse because it got Claire Danes. I like Claire Danes ever since My So Called Life. Her work is pretty diverse, she's pretty and can act. Some people said she is a bit cold and offish. And the funny thing is, she alwayysss seems to hook up with her co-stars. So she might be interesting at the very least, if her co-stars find her that interesting and fall for her. She even manage to steal Billy Crudup away from his pregnant gf (the likable Mary-Louise Parker) and not cause a major scandal like Team Angelina/Team Jolie or LeAnn Rimes proportions. Hoh. Then she dumped Billy Crudup for the dishy Hugh Dancy. Hah! (Sheesh, I know a lot of Hollywood gossip)

Now, so my problem lies not with Claire Danes, even when she played the really unlikable character of Ann in Evening, I still enjoyed Evening. The problem is with the 2 heroes of the movie. In the movie Roy (Steve Martin) is the rich suave playboy 'mengayat' Mirabelle (Claire Danes). If you grew up with The Father of the Bride where now if you think about it, Claire Danes can basically be his grandchild, I am a little sick to the stomach. In here he obviously treated Mirabelle a little higher than a hooker and a bit lower than a mistress. Urgh. And Mirabelle is crazy in love with him.

Then the other hero is (Jeremy) Jason Schwartzman. He maybe kinda cute, but not in this movie. Not at all. There was a scene where Mirabelle went a date with Jeremy, and after she paid for their date and came the make out session, Jeremy stop for a while mentioning that he don't have a condom and would a plastic bag would be ok. Urgh. Yeuch. And unhygienic. And Mirabelle reaction to Jeremy is also understandable.

After a few more scenes that is equally depressing I just shut off the DVD player altogether. It just make me feel loya and pening. And I never want to see even a hint of sex scene involving Steve Martin ever again. Thank you very much.

Some critics called it thought provoking. And whatever. I think the critics may well be just depressed themselves.

Though I did read a wiki entry on the movie after 3 years of not opting to watch it, and read that at last Jeremy cleaned up, win Mirabelle heart after all and Roy turned out regretting his choice of not treating Mirabelle right after all because he actually love her.

Yeah. I just told you the whole plot of the movie as you would better spend your time pruning your bonsai plant than watch this.

p/s: Eh. I am on a blog roll this week! Woot woot!

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