Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Suffer the little children

A group of kids hanging around a particularly shady trees. One boy wearing khakis short and a print shirt was heard..

" Eiii.. Aku tak suke la die ni. Kalau die gemok... aku boleh la ejek die gemuk,"

"Mane boleh ejek die gemok. Die tak gemok.." A girl in polka dot dress is addressing him on being politically correct.

" Hah! Takper! Jom kite pikirkan ape yang kite boleh ejek die..",the boy was pointing to a dejected small looking girl in floral dress.

The girl in a polka dot dress seems fiercely protective of the little girl and put her arms around the little girl shoulder. " Tak baik taw ejek die. Die kecik lagi... die bukan tau ape pon."

Rolling sounds of thunder seems to drown the voices of the kids. The next thing that was heard is an indistinguishable voices of the group of kids but the unmistakable tone of jeering and taunting that was hurled to the poor little girl. A group of kids is now pointing and laughing around the small girl and the polka dot girl, seems to flung back her head standing beside her. The small girl burst into tears.


Kids are often depicted as ones who is without prejudiced, hatred or sins.
Herm.... maybe so, maybe so... but try to look back really hard. In our youthful stupidity, we are often cruel.

p/s: Eh.. macam pernah guna la title entry ni sblom ni for previous long ago post. Lantak la


obefiend said...

tak apa budak budak

thats the most sinful line ever used by elders when kids do bad things. when i was young i would get a whoop ass. i never suffered like that as a kid so i dunno how one would turn up if abused like that. prolly end up trying to please everyone. like some fat guy i knew in college. over compensation on things. which is sad..


taqiyuddin bakir said...

that kid, the one in khaki shorts and print shirt will grow up to become a leader. a politician maybe. that kid, the one in the polka dot, will grow up to be an activist,a doctor or maybe a journalist whose sole purpose in life is to help and defend the weak. the girl in floral dress, will grown up and write a blog.

Anonymous said...

if the story goes, it would probably make a good novel or a short story..

Dila said...


When you were small, you were wallop or cuddle?

Lil kiddies can be evil.

Haha.. indeed.. he probably will be one of those politician that hurl insult like "bocor" to women politician that he don't like.

Why? Were you picked on when you were small? Hihi

It is already a short story..

Tenno Miyake said...

it reminds me of an act where my younger brother hit a friend of mine with a baseball bat.

because that friend fooled my father's name.

but he didn't know that my fierce brother is just at the back of him.

Dila said...

Strange isn't it.. when we were little, how we would be burning with desire to kill whenever any playmates or peers make fun of our parents name.

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