Friday, October 09, 2015

Random Friday Talks

I am feeling really tired nowadays. Now whenever I watched tv series with my husband, I ended up dozing off after 15 minutes. Bile bangun dah habes. Annoying betul. Haha. 

I mainly bought Ephyra because people mentioned on how Ephyra gives them loads of energy. It does jackshit to me. Yes, I did read that it doesnt work that way for everybody and I think need to consume extra vitamin, so I sekarang on and off je consume Ephyra. Haha. Too expensive too maintain, only drink it now to finish it and it taste kinda nice. 

Home cooked dash
Yesterday manage to cook daging masak hitam guna Liza punye masak hitam paste tu. Hoi sedap betul. Lain kali borong lagi. MIL pon last time macam banyak ni je ke beli.. haha. I didn't buy much sebab kenkadang I ni jarang masak . Tapi should have buy more sebab that thing is very easy peasy. Sekarang pon I ok je nak masak daging. Selalu malas sebab daging kan lambat defrost and is you got the daging biasa ( bukan batang pinang ) it will be really tough and chewy. So I selalu je keluarkan my pressure cooker tu. My pressure cooker is solely for my daging. Sebab I can't potong daging for shits. I always got confused, do you cut it bertentang dengan urat daging tu or ikut urat daging tu?? ( nampak sangat fail memasak)

Semalam pon I decided that instead of usually preparing Saif food earlier and my husband will heat up the food after he picked up the kids up after work, I will cook for him. Sebab malam before that I am much too tired and alang2 I terus prepare dinner. Just cooked some sup sayur and goreng ikan tenggiri to get the isi tenggiri for Saif. Saif was screaming blue murder sebab kul 7.30 baru siap makanan. Hahaha. Die biasa makan kul 6pm kan. I pulak sampai rumah 6.40 camtuh. Next time kena jugak prepare awal2.

A mother love knows no bound
On Wednesday early morning I saw a wee puppy roaming around in front of the house. Cars and motorcycles have to swerve around him. So my neighbor who loves animal, picked up the puppy and put in a carrier. Then she went to work. Soon after that, the mom came looking for her puppy. Because the puppy and the mom are howling for each other, I went into my neighbor house and then took the puppy from the carrier and brought to the mom with some trepidation. Hoping the mom would not lunge for my throat because I dare to touch her pup . But she just wait politely from the other side of the road. When I see that she wouldnt move as long as I am there, ( and the puppy is busy sniffing around my feet. Yes kena la samak kaki pagi2) , I went inside the house. Soon I saw the mum guide her puppy off to the end of the road.

Balik keje tu I saw the mom waiting in front of our house barking and looking around the house. My neighbor is outside. I explained to my neighbor that I released the puppy and they get it, but it seems like the mom who looked like a doberman, had lost her puppy and thinks that we took the puppy because the last time the puppy was caged here.

The look on her face is so pathetic. And not once was she ever aggresive to us. She just barks as a means of communication. So yesterday the whole day she just wait in front of the house. Ade la sekali tu some mean person on a bike tried to run her over. Cilaka betul orang perangai macam ni. She waits and barks for some time and howled a bit. We talked to the dog and said that her puppy is not here. It was here and but you took him back and somebody must have taken your puppy. I hope she understands and my maternal heart breaks for her maternal heartbroken one. 
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Also some PSA.. If you saw a puppy or kittens and they are too cute and pathetic and you feel like you must bring them home, tried to wait/ look for a while for the mom. Because separating them is cruel. If the mom is together, then adopt both together ok.  

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