Friday, November 20, 2015

On the brink of 33

Tomorrow is my birthday. 

This year I felt my birthday a little bit more because last year at the end of the day of my birthday, my contractions start and on the next day keluarlah my second child. Heh. I think I watched Hunger Games on that day. I will be watching Hunger Games tomorrow btw. Excited lah. Also told my husband that I dont wanna cook tomorrow. 

But also since it is gonna be Saif birthday on Sunday, I was thinking to cook nasi tomato. Not that Saif can eat nasi tomato, well  maybe a little bit, nasi tomato and probably a little kurma ayam for him kut.  But tengok lah guano. Mungkin maknye jugak akan malas on Sunday. 

Anyway I already knows what I want for my birthday. A robotic vacuum. You know some magazine or whoever will advise to let gift be something from the heart, but nothing is more from the heart than an appliance that will lessen my time for cleaning. It will be interesting to see how the cats react to it. There will probably be videos on Instagram. *rub hands gleefully*

Most probably a Neato because the reviews are good. I already highlighted to my husband the model that I want, so it is up to him lah. I AM SO EXCITED TO GET A VACUUM Y'ALL. 

And about the feeling of turning 33, it does feel scary. More like a lot of things are closing down on you and you don't get a lot of second chances now. Also need to clock in more time for ibadah y'all. Dosa tak muat 1 kontena. 

Anyway for 33 in Malaysians definition of years especially for women, not old, but older. Definitely not young. 33 in Malaysia is the age where you are bustling as a mother hen looking after your many children. Not far off the mark there realistically.. 33 in western world from what I know, still have shits need to sort out. And while realistically I felt like the usual Malaysian women of 33 years of age, insideI felt like the western 33 year olds, where I don't feel like I am settled and I still am figuring out my shits. 

However I don't feel restless anymore like I was in my 20s. Not settled yet, but not feeling like I want to take flight every couple of weeks. 

Happy birthday to me. May gravity treat me nicely and my metabolism does not need to feel like it should heads to early retirement. 

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