Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Last day here!

This is my last working day at HP. Yeps. I was contracted to HP Singapore actually. Heh. Kembali berkerja dengan HP balik. Well only for a while. Was contracted to about 6 months, but I think I only really do the work around 3 months. Lagi 3 months pure gaji buta.

Will be starting on a new job at Shah Alam on Nov. Wallawey. I am not looking forward to the commute I tell you.  Lagi2 dengan kenaikan harga tol . People are rightly pissed about it.

So I have around 2 weeks lebih gitu gitu utk poya2, clean house, and probably prepare some quick frozen foods for my sons (mostly for the little one too la).

It is always a bittersweet feeling whenever it is your last day in the job. I always second guess my decision, and well... ni nak second guess amende lagi kan since my contract dah ended. So I have to start afresh. The new place ni seems like a good challenge work wise, location wise is *sigh*. But we have to get the necessary experience first kan. Who knows, the commute actually maybe not be that bad at all. *fingers crossed!*
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We'll see how the new workplace will be at. Got all the usual anxiousness on the job expectations, colleagues and bosses. Hope I can do my job and blend in. Masa interview nampak the bosses seems nice... tapi interview semua macam tu kan. Haha.

Ah well.

I am gonna miss this place except for the parking . Parking at Damansara Heights is ridiculously expensive. More expensive than central KL.

But yes... the other things I like here. That I will miss. The food trucks. The loneliness. ( I like loneliness if there is work). The facilities ( for breastfeeding mom this place is kinda kewl. Except for the one time someone stole my Medela icepack -_- ) . The flexibility. I can come in at 9,30 am ok. Haha... that was a blessing. This coming new job I have to be at office at 8.30 am. I havent been to the office at 8,30 am like eons ago!

Bye HP.

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