Friday, November 13, 2015

New things to get used to

I am slowly finding my place at the new place. Still 0 friends. No one asked me out for lunch except for first and second days. But that mainly because the place here is kinda like an island. There is one cafe to eat and one food truck. That is your options.

I usually don't really care to eat rice for lunch nowadays, so yeah, I don't mind not going out actually. Maybe one of these days I will go out to eat but it just feels like a hassle. So I brought my bekal and eat at the office and everyone seems to be doing the same. The tapau the food and eat at office. Apart from the no lunch mates, people here seems ok lah. Friendly enough. Though I could do without the 'kakak' 'abang' culture. I don't really like calling out seniority or maybe I just don't like the feeling of being old. Haha. No kakak pleasee.

But I am learning loads here even though I am just in my second weeks. Things I wouldnt learn if I still stay at my old company ( not the HP, HP was always just a temp job), though I miss the old company. Leaving the WFH and very flexi hours benefits hurts ok. Huhu. But I had learned that the old company is not getting better, no salary increase for those in my dept and they may even get the axed soon, so yes. It was never the question of should or should I leave, but more like when .. over there. 

Now.... the distance or the commute. This week is not bad. I keluar rumah kul 8 am reached here at 8.45 am. Not bad la kan. Maybe partly because of the traffic. If it is the usual school days no holiday, kenalah keluar 7.30 paling lewat. Heh.

But I mentioned to my husband that at least ( if there is no last minute work or no epic jam) I can reached home by  7 pm latest. So yeah, in term of the commute it is not that terrible, except kena tutup mata lah bayar tol. Rase macam air je bile swipe TnG. Maybe because the office here is so far away from things like Starbucks or Boost, it can be a good thing. No wastage of money on expensive beverages! More money spent on minyak and tolls instead. Boo. Memang ubah gaya hidup sungguh.

Tomorrow balik JB! Very brief trip balik to attend a friend wedding. All of my friends are super excited. We have matching baju and all. 

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