Monday, November 02, 2015

At my new job

Can't comment on the work yet because it is like only half a day. The would be colleagues seems ok kut. I don't get much of a friendly vibe, but mostly because I am cooped in the room. We'll see lah. 

The drive seems long. Took me an hour drive. Rase lama betul. Haha. Because usually I drive around 20 mins je untuk sampai ofis. But can't complain much, at least the parking is free. The person next to me is questioning is it worth it, LOL. I am so mengantuk so I am feeling like that also. Hehe. 

In this time and economy I guess we'll take what we can get, also I am curious on where the job will take me so ( in term of knowledge and skills).. that's that. Currently am reading up on the blueprints and various documents. 

Kite tengok perasaan saya lagi dalam 3 bulan! 

Tetiba rindu la pada anak2 dan bebulus. Later lah. 

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