Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Briefly to Melaka

Ok. You can't have it either way is it? Either the job is relaxed and you don't learned anything or super stressful but learning a lot. Huhu. Though I am beginning to feel a lot of dissatisfaction .  And tired. So tired. 

Anyway. Last week we went to the Bayou Lagoon Melaka for some family gathering. It is only for one night but the kids had fun. 

They are absolutely no pictures taken when we are at Bayou Melaka. LOL. 

There are pictured of the kids munching on nuggets though. It was jam all the way and we settled for some KFC on the go. Since KFC nuggets is really good the kids enjoyed it. Saif lah paling suke. He hates rice nowadays. 

We reached Melaka just in time for check in. Petang tu terus bawak bebudak gi mandi, and because I didn't bring an extra pair of underwears ( terrible I know), I pon malas la masuk pool. Have to buy some bikini underwears from the hotel later on. LOL. 

Semua orang malas keluar hotel. My sister and BIL went out to tapaw seafood for us, and even then I am incredibly full sebab my mom dah bawak bekal nasi lemak banyak. Malam tu some of us decided to go out to Bandar Melaka. Kekonon nak gi Jonker Walk, tapi Jonker Walk tutup, nan hado. Haha. I didn't go out pon sebab I am too mengantuk, preferring to just sleep with Saif. 

Then besok pagi tu after breakfast, the kids played in the pool and I kemas2 barang2 untuk checkout. Sekejab je kan. Then my sister ajak pergi Freeport. But start masuk Alor Gajah , jam ok nak gi Freeport. My eldest sister patah balik makan cendol bakar je which is on the way back, sebab die tak jumpa parking. The others found parking including us and decided to go terus. Alang2 dah bersesak. 

Sebab it is like the middle of the month and I had just spent money on clothes, was not too keen to go shopping pon. It was ok la. Exactly like JPO, as for the stores , I don't know. I think I prefer Mitsui Outlet, just because the stuffs there are more affordable and .. air conditioned. Haha.. My husband bought a shirt and that is it. But memang ramai manusia, and they have food trucks at the entrance which is good because I remembered going to JPO during lunch hour masa awal2 bukak dulu and we don't have much choice either you eat at food court which don't offer much or expensive restaurants. The food truck were a big hit. They also have some ice coffee/frap stands which is a good idea since it is a hot day. 

Balik tu kite orang makan durian sebab I dah excited nampak durian.

It is still not cheap. We bought durian sultan I think.. which is for rm36 kut. It was good durian, but I had better. My sister ingatkan stall ni yang buffet durian tu, Haha. No lah, I think my limit untuk makan durian adalah 2 biji kut. That is on a good day. Nowadays 1 durian pon dah cukup. Aziz taknak makan, Saif is eager for more than just a few taste, tapi I tak berapa bagi sangat. Haha,

Hari jumaat petang tu dah sampai KL. Tu pon lewat sikit sebab I nak ikut jalan lama2 sebab on the way pergi Melaka the day before tu I perasan ade orang jual daging salai. 

Terus beli 1 kg worth of daging salai. I tak tahu la mahal ke murah, but cheaper than the packed one in Jusco, which sells around RM20 for sekali makan ( for 2-4 people). 

Yang ni die bagi RM40 per 1 kg. So I bought 1 kg and gave half to my sister. Cukup la untuk 4 kali buat masak lemak. Daging salai selain with kerabu or masak lemak , untuk lauk ape lagi ek? 

My sister said kena simpan dalam freezer kalau tak berbulu. Huhu. So this is all the one going to the freezer. 

Ok. Will promise to update more. Heh. 

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