Monday, September 28, 2015

Another option for cheap books

A while ago I tried Book Depository to buy some books that I am unable to find here. Actually I was so charmed watching Austenland ( if its in Astro, watch it because it is a charming chick lit), I felt like I have to get the novel too which is written by Shannon Hale btw . The cheapest option then was buying it from Book Depository and alang2 buying books online of course it have to be more than 1. Save duit parking and tol and minyak also! 

Anyway.. the other book that I bought is Libba Bray Gemma Doyle trilogy. Felt like, maybe I should buy one first to see if I like it. Then bought it later on. Also only the first book have discount. Hehe. 
Anyway, I read the first book and love it ( though it have its weaknesses), and bile time I nak beli the other 2 books, book depository still do not offer any discounts for these 2 book sequels. And our currency had gone down so much against the USD that it became reallly expensive. 

I tried searching locally but it was still expensive compare if I can buy it online, so I tried different online book sites and stumbled into BetterWorldBooks. From what little I read of it , it sells books but also generate social impact by recycling and promoting literacy around the world. I think for every book bought, it will donate a book to those who need it. So yeah, I am always behind organization that place importance on social responsibility and am happy to try this out. It have new and secondhand books in stocks.

I opted for the secondhand books for both of my books, because why pay more if you have the options to pay less kan. It does state in the page on the used book conditions, if its either have some signs of wear or some definite wear. Both of my books that I want, the books are in good used conditions so I am hoping it will be delivered to me that way. 

I am not gonna provide instructions because anyone which include my 11 year old niece knows how to purchase stuffs online. I used PayPal for my transactions. I was wringing my hands before buying because I don't know if I should buy it now or wait for the MYR currency to go up a bit, but I am glad I didnt wait because the MYR have yet to improve. Sigh. When I bought it was 3.89 MYR = 1 USD. Today is 4.40 MYR to 1 USD. Holy cow. Everyone is worried here in Malaysia on our economic state I tell you. Anyway... this is not what I want to blog about! 

It took a while but that is understandable for international shipping ( and the shipping is like book depository is also free!). Took around a month for it to be delivered to my front step. Literally. The postman put it right by my door last week. 

Mini cars not included

And this is the condition of the books that I bought. 

Yeah. I can live with that. Gonna wrap the book soon and the wear at the edges won't be so annoying.

I like that I have options beside the usual. Also during my online browsing for book sites online, found one locally Book Up, but I couldnt find the books that I want there. But I want to try out selling my books there. My bookshelves are running out of space. Will up a post on how it goes if I do end up selling. 

Ok. Thought of writing the book shopping spree I had done last Saturday, but this post is getting too long. 


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