Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Popular Warehouse Book Sales

I am always thrilled to be in a book warehouse sales. As you all should know by now. 

Also I am not too thrilled about the Big Bad Wolf Sales nowadays because of the crowd. And their promotions. Someone mentioned that people are almost killing themselves in order to win the passes to get to the preview sales and they don't win any prizes either. True. Throw those people a bone la at least. 

On the other hand, they are geniuses in not having to do much for promotion because the fans who hope to get the passes will do it for them. 

Hehe. While I was one of em, but last year, I went for the preview passes and the crowd is just as maddening if I go to other days, so this year I macam malas beria to win the passes. 

Anyway, not dissing the BBW because I want to talk about the Popular Book Warehouse sales. Because I like variety. Also there are some redundant authors in some book warehouse sales, which I believe some publishing houses are not available in the BBW or MPH sales or even Penguin sales. 

Also... I haven't been to a Penguin Warehouse book sales for the longest time. Ade lagi ke? 

Regressed again! 

Last week my sister informed me that Viva Mall had these Popular Book Warehouse Sales ongoing where the books are at RM5. Dirt cheap. The cheapest ever. Ok. 

I remembered that last year I was planning to go when it was held on November, but hari nak pergi tu.. terberanak pulak. LOL. So didn't manage to go. 

And I wouldnt know about this if my sister didn't mentioned it to me, because didn't see this advertised anywhere else. I would have assume it would be held in November like last year. After this, this event would go up my radar. 

Because RM5 people! 

The place was airy, spacious and they provided trolleys!

The place was kinda organized, where it sectioned off the area to Teens, Romance, SciFi, Romance, Autobiography etc.. etc..

Pretty spacious and big eh.

Some of the book selections. The teen section have pretty good YA. It also have psstt.. A banned book section, where I got my Chuck Palahniuk book.

They also sold cheap stationeries where I bought a children picnic table for RM15 and these storage stool that Aziz make use as imaginary car and slide for RM30.

And the books I bought.
For the kids which is like RM5 for 2. 
Cheap kan and this is the only things I bought for the kids partly also, they have loads at home and Aziz seems always want to read the same books over and over again, so biar la dulu. No need to tambah.

Mommy die not content in reading the same book over and over again and the belows are my book.

Because of Jackie Collins recent death and reading of all the kind words that people wrote about her, I feel like maybe I need to be introduced to one of her work. I heard Hollywood Diaries was quite good so .. I picked this. There wre few other Jackie Collins there.

Angela's Ashes .. don't play play. One of the classic books that I feel like.. maybe I will need to read this for the betterment of my literary knowledge.

A few YA I picked at random because it looked interesting 

I tertinggal this book in the pic so I just lift the image from Google to include here because you know I like to keep track of my books. 
I counted, these are around 31 books plus 2 children books.

And I can't resist taking this too because the movie is cheesy fun and I hope the books are so too. And it must be like RM10 tops because the total of all these books are RM170. 

Those are crazy cheap. I had around RM250 on my wallet and was prepared to use the plastic cards, but when the tell me the amout, I was like. Huh.. I should have bought more. 

But I can't because Saif was screaming blue murder because he was hungry and Aziz was tearing up the place like what a bored 3 years old wont to do...  so I didn't have much time to browse ( and my trolley was overflowing) . 

But even in that short amount of time it was so worth the shopping trip! 

I would have up this blog post much sooner but I myself only knows this sale way too late, so I guess, til next year then!. 

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