Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saif is 1

My second baby is now a year old. 

Lebam jatuh. Bukan ai dera please, Buat muka just before kentut.

Happy birthday. 

Don't have a lot of time to type out but will keep stuffs in point form je lah

No celebration sebab my husband already bought me a cake and it seems wasteful to buy another one. He don't understand birthday yet anyhow. 

We bought him some educational toy stuff which he really likes on Saturday. He is still playing with it on and off, so that is not a waste. Heh. 

Still no walking but getting there. He is a bit cautious. Takes like a very tentative step forward and then go down on all fours to crawl. Need to build up his confidence I guess. 

I had stopped breastfeeding him completely around 2 weeks back I  guess. During my last month at HP I found that my milk had run dry and I am feeling tired and irritated, he is getting longer to nurse and crankier too at night because my milk supply dropped. So I guess in the best interest of both he is now completely on formula. Heh. My breastfeeding journey with Saif is not as long as Aziz, but I am ok with it. 

Since starting with bottles, I am getting a little bit more sleep because Saif sleeps longer now because he is easily full. So that is a plus. I no longer have a baby tearing out my hairs and eyes at 3 or 4 am in the morning. 

He really loves nasi and sup. I still put out a bekal for him. In rotation it goes like nasi and sup , bubur and occasionally some makaroni stuffs. Though he does not like makaroni or spaghetti macam abang die. Aziz can't get enough of makaroni sup if I cooked, but Saif prefers rice. And if he don't eat rice for a day he will get cranky at night. LOL. Dasar tekak Melayu dah ni. Maybe his appetite will change later on. But now I am enjoying the phase where he eats a lot. 

He loves nursery rhymes videos. If in the morning and I am up and everybody is still asleep and Saif cried if I get myself off bed, I played the youtube videos and he is transfixed. Taylor Swift does not work on this boy though. 

Loves cartoons nowadays. If we open the car tv screens for the kids he will watched it and laughed and giggled until he fell asleep. 

Abang now gets a little taste how it feels like to be us,

Loves his big brother. Nowadays he sleeps in the crook of his brothers arm or at Aziz back. If we pat him to sleep, when he is groggy he will usually tried to look for his brother then fell asleep beside Aziz. Heh.

Sekarang dah kurang sikit die nak masak tah ape2 foreign object masuk dalam mulut. Still do that lah, but not that often. Don't have to fish things out of his mouth very often.

Anyway. That is all I can think of. Happy birthday to my sweet boy. Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, berjaya di dunia dan diredhai Allah. 

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