Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday random post

Ever since I sync my phone up with Google it is way easier to post pictures here. Tapiii limit gamba aku kat Google dah tak banyak, really need to find other way. Tunggu lah bile rajin nanti. 

So this Monday edition of a random post goes like 

When I got back from the hospital on Friday tu, baru lah dapat bermesra-mesra dengan the cats. However while the others bese2 je, found that Gollywolly just want to sit on the sofa. There is something wrong with Wolly when she wants to be on the sofa because that is not her favorite place. 

Rupanye demam. Can feel her body temp is warmer than usual. So the whole Saturday was spent on her terbongkang di atas sofa where all of us sit on the floor instead. The cats reign supreme at this house. I dah berkira2 if on Sunday she is still melepek tak bermaya I will bring her to the vet. Because I can see she is drinking and eating and her taik ok je (tak runny) . Anak kandung sakit, anak bulus pon sakit. 

But naseb baik on Sunday she seems ok. She still does not want to go out, but berjalan2 di rumah macam biasa and no longer as warm as on Saturday. Tak payah gi vet! Yes! 

Kurus sikit. Poor Wolly. My sister said tah2 die rindu kan mommy die. Heh. But dont think so, it is probably the haze. Wolly ni memang prone to sickness if the air is bad. 

Saif Condition.
Thank you for the well wishes and he is out of the hospital! Yeay finally discharged to my relief. All those days at the hospital make me really lethargic the whole weekend. And Saif is not 100% yet too. He is still pooping I think around once every 4 hrs. The doctor did say it would take sometime for him to fully recover. Poor baby! Hoping that he would get better as soon as possible. Thank God that is also the school holiday, so nursery die pon tutup seminggu. In the mean time he will be at home recuperating lah. 

Sekarang ni my husband WFH and take care of him, I will be on leave on Wed and Friday to take care of the kids plak. So harap by that time he will stop the non stop pooping. 

Time ni baru balik dari hospital . Immediately terus nak merangkak ke sana ke sini. We sampai rumah at the time around 2pm. I ingatkan nak put him to sleep la kan. Tadek. Sibuk die nak kesana ke sini . Lepaskan geram merangkak after being chained to the iv drip kut. Last2 die pengsan tertidur sendiri tengah2 ruang tamu. 

The doctor and nurses said to give him plent of fluids but tu pon susah amat. He only wants to direct feed kan, and I give him porridge kt rumah semua tolak. Last2 in frustration I give him nasi lembik dgn ayam kurma, baru la selera. Dan teh o pekat. Hahaha. Bagi tu solid la kejab taik die. 

Baru je recently watched 50 Shades of Grey. I avoided the book because reading about how a girl submit herself so readily to a man can make me all ragey but I am still curious for the movie because well,, it will consume less of my time. 

So sambil aku melipat baju and kemas baju, I tengok la the movie. And the critics are right . Sam Taylor Johnson, elevate the material, made it to a decent movie. Dakota Johnson makes us girls/women like Anastasia Steele as she is charming and lovable and sweet here even during the erotic scenes. And the weak link here is Jamie Dornan, Mr Grey himself. He was gile handsome masa Once Upon A Time, but here die macam meh. He is not convincing as a confident man. Basically he does not own the room he walked in. As for the naughty bits itself, it was meh la. Nothing really shocking and when Anastasia asked the worst of the BDSM, and that's it? Lepas tu die nangis when she should know what it is by now. Saying her feelings got hurt? I don't know y'all . You ask for it. And no.. it does not feel rape to me, but is it? is it? I guess it is about punishment and feeling shamed. 

I am so confused . 

I guess its the typical romantic heroine lead wants to change a guy who refused to commit. It only worked in the literary/rom com world. In the real world, you may turn out to be like that poor girl in Mont Kiara who died of asphyxiation. 


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