Friday, November 06, 2015

Why Not Me

I got another free credit from Audiobooks and I decided to use it for Mindy Kaling new book which is Why Not Me.

She had said earlier on it is not a memoir/autobiography and anyway, she already had another book on which dealt mostly on her life pre Hollywood and during the Office time. 

It feels more like a collection of blog posts though, like you are reading someone musings about life, outlook and whatthehellarepeoplethinking.. 

Since I got to know of Mindy Kaling when I start watching Mindy Project so I hugely enjoyed this since alot of the things that she wrote about is her experience during the show.

Like I said earlier I started to listen to audiobook mostly to kill the monotony of washing dishes, but after all the dishes had been washed, I still can't stop listening to it. 

There were ranting, there are funny anecdotes, there are friendship lessons that most people in their late 20s and 30s would totally understand and commencement speech that is hilarious and on the point.

The best part of the book came during her flirtations with Will. It feels like I was her and was being pulled into two direction by a guy. It brings back.. feelings. Heh. I even like this better than 'Soup Snakes'. 

In short you dont learn a lot about Mindy Kaling in Why Not Me, but you still laugh (while washing the dishes) reading this book . That is a plus point

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