Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Last weekend stuffs

A bit tired because yesterday Monday was cruel. It was closing payroll time so everything has to be urgent and things that cant be solved immediately will be escalated even to the CEO. Cruel I'll tell you. But at the end of the day everyone was happy, well somewhat. 

Last weekend was Aziz and Saif performance and review day. Aziz was supposed along with his class mates to sing and dance and clap and jump. But he do none of that. Instead he stand in a corner and lift up his shirt looking like he doesnt want to be there. Ade la masa2 he will go and play with the tabir kat belakang. Actually most of the kids refused to sing. LOL. The teacher kinda like embarassingly apologized saying that they had practice but I don't mind lah. You can't really force a bunch of 3 and 2 year olds to do stuffs when they don't want to. I think they are a bit overwhelmed by the crowds. At least no one is kicking and screaming. Actually there was 2 incident , but he refused to be on stage and the other one, was a girl who very enthusiastically try to jump and fail and cried. Poor baby. But I like it that they try nonetheless. 

Looked at all the tots. Just seeing them on stage is enough. Hehe.

Afterwards it was review session of the kids. Macam the last one, Aziz received loads of praises because he is a cheerful playful little guy. A little naughty but to be expected lah. Saif however we were informed is a bit tantrumy, clingy and refused to do much except wants to be carried. Which is a bit of a surprise because at home he can be everywhere. Maybe he is a bit overwhelmed by the kids. But the tantrum , yes, Saif nowadays is a bit of tantrum thrower. He will scream and lie down and kicked if he doesn't get his ways or throw things to the floor if he doesn't like the things or pissed at you. I am trying to get him to give things nicely now.

The teacher also said Saif eats a lot, so now I had tuka their punye bekas makanan lagi besar sebab die makan nasi separuh pinggan. The baby thermos just wouldnt fit all of the rice I tried to put in.

Makan pau kacang merah dalam kereta. Comot sebelom sampai. Kena tuka baju. 
On Sunday pulak we had to attend a wedding at Senawang on my husband side. I am always pleased if I got an invitation to a wedding because I love wedding food. Hehe. And this wedding it does not disappoint. Ade sambal sotong kering and keropok lekor! Keropok lekor die plentiful and sodap. Weekend tu plak I tetiba terasa cravings nak keropok lekor. So nice when what you want is suddenly presented to you. Alhamdullilah. 

Then we went singgah at Mitsui Outlet to see what the fuss is all about. I have to say it is nicer than JPO because the choice between brands which we can afford is greater and they have air conditioned so we are not exactly sweating in between shops. My husband likes it because there are a lot of those street brand name shoes that he likes in there. The restaurants also looks nicer. Maybe I will go there again but it is so out of the way that it can only happened rarely lah. We don't buy anything pon. I am looking for another pair of work pants, but couldn't find the one I want. Last2 beli toy untuk Aziz je. 

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