Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hari Raya Haji of a So Called Workaholic Blogger

Today is Raya Haji. Today I worked. Big Deal. New Year also work, Christmas work, Merdeka Day also work and Chinese New Year I will be working too no doubt. No Biggies...

I woke up early. Lazily looked at my computer. See downloading progress of TV series and JDo. Looked at alarm system at home and turn it off. Definitely do not need Security Company to call early in the morning and asked if any burglar had ravaged our house or not. Then I curled up on bed, thinking to myself.. EL la today, MC laa.. don't wanna work, wanna be a lazy bugger . Also doing smsing and replying sms on "Selamat Aidiladha ". Yeah.. Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha to you too. Thinking to myself if only I have cornflakes at home. You know, the feast of pagi raya. Cornflakes is enough la. However our neighbour makcik sebelah who is also a Johorean gave us some Nasi Tomato and Sayur Lodeh. Yeah! Eat eat.... My sister was still busily cooking her Chicken Curry even when I had gone to work. Eleh, sis. See.. nasib baik makcik kasi nasik or I would still be waiting for your chicken curry.

At noon when I came, Khairan showed the pics of Shai mockingly crying at a tiang somewhere on the vicinity of KLCC. They were heading there for Solat Sunat AidilAdha. They have time to have fun too I guess, looking at the pics. No wonder the Malay guys at the office are all wearing Baju Melayu. Shai wore songkok too. Peoples are in a slightly bad mood, because it is a holiday. Whats worse than working in a holiday? Working in a holiday mood while in another part of the world everything does not ceased to halt just because Malaysia have holiday today and somehow manage to push itself to be a busy day. Customers call making my blood boiled and simmered, emails grew alarmingly (no matter how much I replied, it stayed at the number 123, the taking calls in between time too does not help, nor does blogging ::smirk:: ), corporate customers demands... haih.. Chat? Blardy hell with em. . Boohoo.

But.. Alvin L. came and ask
"You wanna join for pizza ar? We are having it delivered later".

I said yes immediately, and only then I reached for my wallet and realized only got less than RM10. What? Oh yeah.. the Chicken Maryland and Crabmeat Shark Fin soup last night gobbled up my money. But they say, no matter they pay first. Hurray.

Half an hour later, the pizza came. Guess the pizza delivery service way better than McDonald. The morning shifts peoples ordered McDonald today and it took em 2 hours to deliver to our office. Weird huh? Need to import it from Seremban ka?

The foods was put in the middle. The smell so delicious. However needs to wait for the one who paid la to eat first. If not... tak malu sungguh what. A little bit later, things calmed down a bit we feast! Wahh.. nowadays my appetite came back with a vengeance. It must be the smell and sight of the McDonald food earlier. I think we ordered and ate Chicken Supreme, Super Supreme, Chicken Wing, Coleslaw, and of course the complimentary always lousy Bread-Cheese Stick that is edible only when eaten with other food . Heh.. and I finished the big bowl of coleslaw. Now... Full. Joseph said no need to pay laa.. Ar? Free ar? Eat some more la gitu. Herm, but still would ask them later on.

And here I am too lazy since I am too full. Nasi Tomato + Sayur Lodeh + Pizzas + Sinful amount of Coleslaw = ::Yawning::

Will continue to work until 10 pm. Continue to eat no doubt when back at home. So .. no fun or interesting events there. Just more foods! (Look at waistline and sighed)

Hey.. I definitely am lively when writing about foods eh...


nawaba said...

ahpersal. kalau. ada. pizza. feast. kat. ofis. aku. slalu. miss?

boleh. tolong. kasi. heads. up. sikit. lain. kali? tak. pon. tolong. deliver. kat. rumah. jugak?

tak. pernah. makan. pizza. kat. ofis.

and yeah, blady hell with chat. my sentiments exactly. tapi jaga2 sikit, manala tau nanti 'senior technician' tgh ego trip, die mesg nanti. blady hell with ego trips, office politics and boot licking.

oh, and a selamat hari raya aidil adha!

Dila said...

Pizza best eaten, after 1pm?

And yeah.. blardy irritating when that happens. So concern, take them urself la.

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