Monday, January 16, 2006

Tadaima ~

Got back today. A bit tired. Somewhat numbing. And no pics. Heh. So I don't feel the need to post a long entry. I guess, thats why my sentence a bit short. Or my brain refused to function normally.

Nonetheless lets list down somewhat valuable lessons I learn during my trip to Kedah for my sister wedding.

1. Ant bites are particularly painful and leaves a stinging pain and reddish mark. So what do you peoples meant by " Macam kena gigit semut je "?

2. It is not always wise to draw out large amount of money. It doesn't stay large and depleted alarmingly.

3. It is sometimes wise to bring own mother when shopping. She will encourage to spend more (since you are not using her money anymore) . Plus you would not have to heard her exclaimed , "What? Another pair of jeans/pants/blouse/clothes/bag again!"

4. Padang Besar is not that nice as the one in Kelantan. However that do not deter me from buying 3 clothes, 1 bracelets and few other things I forgot.

5. Gold is in. Thin, thin one.

6. The sofa can be a comfortable place to sleep in. And thank Heaven I do not sleep talk.

7. I can't be a pengapit to taller peoples. Can't hold the umbrella.

8. It is that easy to be strangely happy in a matter of a glance.

9. Kedah is exceptionally hot but windy. I think I am darker now ( Squint at own hands)

10. Travelling with family that always provide lots of foods and encourage you to eat more can undo the hard work you had put in to lose weight for the past 3 months. :: Wail ::


Unta@Jitra said...

As a true Kedahan with 25 (4 more days) years of experience, let me give u some facts hehehehehe

1) Padang Besar? (u're talking bout Pdg Besar in Perlis rite?).. U can bargain more at Bukit Kayu Hitam... about 36km north of Alor Star (via PLUS Highway)... lalu depan rumah aku je tu hahaha

2) Kedah is hot but Tronoh is HOTTER :D... n when Kedah experiencing heavy downpour for 24 hours, my house will be flooded about 50cm from ground level

3) The Ant is called Semut Merah-yg jahanam-lg siyal... my sworn archenemy for so many years... n u can guess when the phrase 'mcm kene gigit semut' is used... yeah... more painful than that or u have a lot of 'ubat bius'...

4) N when Kedahan like me got hiccups, we tend to swear to all things including the semut or the guitar or the handset or the pringles etc

Dila said...

Aiks.. sape tah cakap masa aku kat kdh yg dkt Bukit Kayu Hitam tu dh terbakar. Ade lagi ke?

Unta@Jitra said...

Kt bukit kayu itam tu ade 2 bahagian...

1) Kompleks Bebas Cukai... cam shopping mall aa... masuk2 entrance je perfume besusun

2) Bazar barang2 siam a.k.a tiruan... sebelah mall tu je... haa yg ni aa yg tebakar... tapi dah direnovate balik

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