Friday, January 06, 2006

The smell of roses are sweet..

But ain't the smell of money the most pleasurable. Come now. Agree with me. Even the most unmaterialistic of you all. Don't you just love the fresh smell and the crisp feel of a brand new RM notes piping hot from the ATM. As GK says.. give me RM any time instead of flowers laaa.

Now.. I don't meant to be cold and heartless and materialistic and all. Even though some of them do accuse me of that. Hey~ I just like money as the next person might. However, that is not my priority. I think.

Anyway. Why am I always off topic? The topic that was in my head is romance. As Iceroll used to post about the most romantic thingies on what he would have done.

Why did this topic sprang to mind? Oh it is just that a friend of mine. He wanted to make a video clip of him and his girl. To pujuk her. I cringed inwardly when he told me. I just said "Whatever suit you". He thinks it is mighty romantic of himself. I think I would rather watch a documentary of some insects mating than watch a video clip of myself.

Honestly, don't you think romance is dead? It is overrated? I meant sure us girls love the Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet... and whatever. Does any guys now would actually do that?

Would a guy care enough to know what I like? To find out what is the thing I wanted most without telling them? To pick out the little details from the conversation?
(Finding Forrester)

Would a guy take that girl out to find that little miracle ; that special something that make her smile and laugh?
( A walk to remember)

Would a guy actually setup a surprise candlelit dinner? Ehem. Of course without intention of sex.
(So many countless cheap romantic movies)

Would a guy go high and low , searching for the girl that left him?
(wait.. I think I know of this guy. Let strike this from the list).

Would a guy goes all the way from one end of the town to the other just to surprise the girl because he misses her?
(so many other countless movies.. which of course usually meant that the guy had just cheated on her, so kinda like guilt thingies, to make amends and see her and say I miss you.. while all the way trying to find excuses for himself that going out with that OTHER girl is actually pretty ok)

Would a guy would actually say all those corny stuffs on how they could not live without her, or how her eyes look like the stars bla bla.. ?
( No decent movies now actually used this line any more. See.. even Hollywood began to realize that romance is dead. Kaput. Banish to Neverland)

Would any guy.. Ok. I stopped it already. Before I became an increasingly bitter ol' lady.

Don't you heart breaks a little, girls. Knowing that these guys. The guys we loved, we look on as our little of miracle of life. Couldn't find it in them... to find a little miracle to us.

But I won't disparage all guys altogether. There are a fews who tried ( I had already given you an example at that. Try Hard I should say ). Guys at that. The ever romantic. Optimistic lot. Who try to bring this corny things in life. But were much disappointed to see the love of their life hardened, bitter and laughed. Ahh.. lets hope the poor guy who's trying to make that video clip don't get that kinda response.

Where do I belong in this category? The ever romantic? Or the hardened bitter one?

Somehow.. I believe most of us are stuck in the middle. We laughed at this corny cheesy movies. We turned up our nose when someone wanted to watch :: Gasp, Shock, Shudders :: 10 Things About You, She's All That, Titanic again with you. But don't you.. in that little corner of your heart, hoping maybe, someone can be like those. You know. Do those romantic stuffs with. And of course la it cannot be just anyone. (Imagine the Fly did that to me. I would have stabbed my eyes with a fork to gouge out the horrors of that). You guys should know la what I meant eh. You closeted romantics.

Maybe like not copying those romantic corny stuffs altogether. But just all the small things. The little things. You know.. the things that count.


Unta@Jitra said...

testing komen 1 2 3

Snubby, Don of Anime said...

"Where do I belong in this category? The ever romantic? Or the hardened bitter one?"

Both i guess. Huhuhuh. Single Power lah dila!! Yeah.

Dila said...

hahaha.. mmg la single power..

cuma mende tu apply kat sume la.. heh..

Yg kena woo, yg di woo, yg dh dikapel..

nawaba said...

ahh..the perpetually debated issue of 'why guys lack romanticism'.

in our defence, we really are romantics, just that we tread that fine line between romantic and corny extremely carefully(we were drilled about this at an early age when we were growing up in mars). i guess its called meeting halfway?

making a video clip to pujuk a gf? sounds cool but still...lautan bara api tuh. maybe i'd do it, but i'd be extremely absolutely without a doubt keep it in the downlow. kalau the guys know..habisla street cred!

and would a guy search high and low for that girl that left him? hmm, tricky. to each its own, but for me its a no. its called pride. get trampled kalu, move on and never look back.

so yeah, you coined it most aptly. its called being a closet romantic.

p/s:wow i made a sensible comment!

Unta@Jitra said...

i did my romantic things mostly based on my crazy brain... n then i've found a deja-vu in those movies... i'm not that kinda creative human male that can summon 100 romantic ideas with a snap of a finger...

once, i asked in GV regarding tips on how to make r/ship (mostly the LDR ones) interesting... n hell cardboards, scissors, cutters, ruler, pencil, colored pens were needed...

i did my own style... with my own stupid pantuns n abstract decorations... together with handmade teruterubozu as a gift to my gf...

true... sometimes cheaper things with lots of love put into it is far more priceless than fancy candlelight dinner...

aaa ni dah bole kire entry dlm blog aku dah ni hahahahaha

Dila said...

So they do exist. Wow~ Hehe..

Nawaba: But yeah.. it it kinda hard to separate the corny and the true one. Can be one of the same..

Unta: Hehhe.. A lot of efforts does do the trick. Depending..

But a closeted romantic is always the nicest one... if they don't stay closeted at all times. Hurmph. But.. sometimes kinda corny. But if kalo a guy we love. We dont think that. Arr.. camne kalo a guy yg tgh woo?

So very hard la gini.. huhu.. So I guess thats why the chase is always thrilling.

Zer0k3wL said...

i guess how romantic a person is still remains to be seen in the eye of the beholder.

An effort in romance will only b deemed decent once the other party is touched upon by both their heart n soul. Sadly a wooing guy efforts will go in vain if the gurl fails to be moved by such. Yes..the chase is always thrilling but endgame will always see a victor or loser.The latter being sadfully feeling dejected most of the times. The victor? self explanatory..heheh

But the weirdest things like u mentioned Dila, its true the little things do matter the most when properly observed. However ONLY IF it is noticed.

Ok..sad case respon here.Romance is not dead, just heavily scrutinized sometimes when that certain someone isn't just there in the same frequency. Quick advice of the day..check ur frequency before airing ur waves :)

PS : Dila approve ke x comment camni ahh? dah laa lambat

Dila said...

Check the frequency eh? Gud advice there. If only it is that easy.. before airing that waves . Ehem.


PS: Approve aje la

cimatt said...

hmm... i do agree wit Zer0k3wL. he got a point there. this is what alwayz hepen u noe. Frustrated when unnoticed? But then, if it is so.. U can alwayz fine ur tuning rite? dun give up. =)

p/s: fuhh.. am i late? soli, i just read 'em.

Dila said...

Hahah.. Yeah.. I guess you need TIME and a whole lot of patience to fine tune that.

And no worries. Any comment for any post dated years back will still be read =p .... at least by me..

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