Thursday, January 26, 2006

So Life Goes On

As people says.

I wondered.

The older we get. The wiser we are? Are we? Or the young one at hearts are the one who really lives?

Twice bitten, once shy? Or have a little hope?

Which is which. Someone called me a decidophobia. So many things gone wrong when I had decide. So many things goes wrong when I let it happens.

I goes on in uncertainty. Rather than face the dread, the horrible realization. I do not want to wake up one day, sinking, thinking I rather died than face this day. Day by day. Yet sometimes I woke up restless. Wishing this would end.

The above do not make sense right? Perhaps the right peoples reading it would think it made a whole lot of sense.

You want to know what I want? Imagine this.

You are had been walking high and low in the hot scorching sun. The heat was unbearable. The thoughts of an ice cold drink is irresistible. Yet you walked on. Left and right. You see peoples around you holding their own glasses. Drinking , sipping , laughing. And you then reached your place. The ice cold glass of drink water is waiting for you. You forgot all. You reached out and take it. Greedily gulping it down, quenching your thirst. Trickles of the ice cold water flowed down from the corner of your mouth down to your neck, trailing a cooling sensation.

Let just says, it is something like that.


Unta@Jitra said...

Err i dont see anything wrong in ur example... i myself will do the same...

To make up one's mind in deciding anything makes us wiser, matured, responsible... live on with our decision, be responsible for it n face the consequences...

We r better than the angels... we r given the power to decide :)

mangifera said...

do you got what you want? the icy cold drink?

it's sound like a very big secret, and when it's burst out...the feel is damn good even painful.

maybe you just not lucky, but it's does mean you're the bad luck bringer. decision making is not an easy process that's why high management executive get their own car with driver. they need to think lots.

well, sometimes corrective action may help, a white lie may put situation under control.

erk..apa yang aku karutkan ni..whatever suits you and may give some idea to your search. :)

Dila said...

Unta: Yes.. the responsibility thats make it harder . Thus make us wiser..

Dueng: I haven't got what I want. Heh.. And you interpret it correctly! (Not that hard pon ) haha..

But yeah.. action needed to be in place. Only when.. is the question.

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