Thursday, January 19, 2006

So the sign keeps on screaming..

It is so weird. I always have this gory dreams. What's weirder these gory dreams always is connected with shopping or I am at a mall. Is it like a sign somewhere trying to say I might be murdered by zombies or maniacs while shopping; kinda like Land of the Dead scenes where the zombies are trying to get to the shopping avenues and eats all the peoples there.

There you are... picking your choices either you want to opt for the jeans with the cool back pocket design or the jeans that have just the right stonewash color you want and Gahhhhhh! Came a zombie tearing through the racks of clothes, wanting a piece of you.

Last night gory dreams was, there is some kind of demon warlike thingies that like to cut peoples head off. I have no idea why he wants to cut my head. I meant he don't necessarily cut peoples head off for fun. But there is a reason for that. I think and think. I forgot. It might be because we resurrect him from his pit or hole or something or I think we are just there to witness it since he is so ugly when first appeared . This creature I dreamt of got horns and all and the face goes all pointy and have sharp razor teeth. And because of that the vain and ungrateful git chose to kill us. He went and chased us with his sword. And when we are hiding, he turned into this Antonio Banderas lookalike, his hair all curly and touching his shoulder, wearing a 3 piece and goes all charming to the peoples asking where we are. I think in the end, we manage to kill him. Ahh.. now I remember. We killed him using his own sword.
( I know this is too weird for you peoples to digest.. but hey.. it is after all a dream)

The thing is.. all the time when we were hiding or running away. It is always in a shopping mall. I meant you gotta admit. The mall is a good place to hide. You got all this beds and clothes and racks and partitions. I meant there we were running away, ducking, sliding, crawling in a mall. Oh , in case you are wondering I do not know the peoples in my dream last night.

And many of my gory dreams involved the mall! Alien invasion and shooting down humans with laser ? Where? In the mall of course. Somebody was trying to kill me with an axe.. where do I run in circles? In the mall! Vampire cannibal thingies hunting around for peoples after dark and have its base operation on a restaurant shop .. situated where else but the mall! And I the restaurant shop that I dreamt of, suddenly came real to me when I was walking at Ikano Power Centre! It is the same. I almost stop dead in my track and gaped at that shop in front of peoples ! Looking at the shop gave me goosebumps now. I meant.. don't be silly la Dila. Vampire cannibalistic thingies that love meaty peoples don't exist. Right.

So is it some kind of a sign? Stop shopping or be killed? Naahhh... Probably a sign that I should get better acquainted with shopping malls in case of alien/zombies/vampires attack. You never know.


F00 said...

hey you know what they say, dreams always be a glance portal of what will happen in near future. the only catch was, what you dreamt of is exactly opposite of things that will happen. so a future portal + opposite of zombie in a mall = you decide LOL

nah its just dreams. im the one who they called ABU.

Dila said...

Good looking guys in that try to charm me .. in a mall.. hermm. Might just work.

Oooo, Abu, glad to know.

Zer0k3wL said...

Wait a its a cute gorgeous looking guy in a ..... sundry shop perhaps ? :P

hhhmm.. this looks like a classic case of an overdose horror and fantasy movie dosage. As a result - cross breed between fantasy and horror re-enacted in ur dreams. Lots do however reflect on ur daily life happenings as well. This is without including the fact those weird shuteye times could do. Tip of the day, stay put and cool urself before bedtime also less or lighter meals b4 sleeping will ensure a less tensed experienced altogether. My experience that is..

Dila said...

eeee.. I don't eat before sleeping. Nor does I kept a stack of Resident Evil , From Dawn Till Dusk , Land of the Deads, kinda CDs around to watch whenever Im free.

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