Monday, January 02, 2006

From ecstaticness to what?

I don't know where to start.

Let me start with the Peterpan concert. Hey did I spelt that correctly? (Got spell checkla Dila, aperaa) Anyway. I went! Courtesy of my friend. Thank you. Again. And his friends.. for going through all that trouble too. And were so kind enough to guide an inexperienced concert goer around. Yes peoples. It was my first time. And hide those sniggers please.

Oh I won't go into details on how long the queue and the wait in the queue which turned out false illusion to the peoples, whereas the entrance was right at our back and the queue.. were that long (Show the length of my arm). Nor would I go into details on how muddy was it there or the how the fans of Peterpan looks or smell more like a human version of a kerbau by the end of the concert.

Nor does I will observed how many does the peoples in the crowds are. Or how they danced in the rain in circles and laughingly perform some very warlike dance too. Nor would I lament the fact that the sound system, was a bit disappointing. Or the fact that they do gave great performance even though some of peoples may say that they are like a girlish band ::cough:: Or how cool it is the combo of Too Phat and Peterpan together.

I do like to state the fact, that I do not regret it. Not a bit. From my muddy shoes to my slightly drenched scarves. I enjoyed every minute of it, despite what someone might and did say. And I don't look sangap laaa. No no. That was me , quietly enjoying the moment. Since of course you can't la see my smile in the dark. Or when I hummed. Or when I drummed my fingers and tapped my feets to my favorite songs. The rain don't spoilt the fun too. Did I ever mention I love rain? Well, I do!

So, thats it folk about Peterpan. Sorry I won't divulge details. I'm just not into it now.

That was ecstaticness.

Then it came to what?

I don't know exactly happened but I do understand it perfectly. The right thing is always the hardest thing . As what Harry Potter movies quote.
"Soon we must all make a choice, between what is right and what is easy"

Right and easy is not that clearly guideline. If I can look into my palm, and tell that tomorrow will bring to this, I would have turn back the time. But since both are realitiscally impossible, I am now.. in a state of what? I can't put a name to it!

But a choice I have to make. The choice I had made then and are forced to do it again. I don't know what to elaborate. Between one and the other? What is right? What is easy?

How can someone make a decision like that? When everything is so unsure at that. Its like a doctor coming to you and says , Do you want me to cut off your left arm or your right arm.

And this is a place for me to say what I want in whatever way I want to. Since words don't flow that easily for me from my mouth. If you have not noticed it already la. So.. stop picking me at my own blog and bring the feud outside to the real world!
P/S: And yeah.. I do love hearing Peterpan more now.
Updated Notes: To avoid any confusion or peoples going for my neck later on, I want to state that.. the Peterpan concert related experience end with ecstaticness; and the paragraphs after that are not related in any way to the concert thingies. I just could not be bothered to make 2 post. Heh, and sometimes I wrote something to make sense to myself only lor.


nawaba said...

hahaha..*cough* he's just being lame. balik concert jadi cheetara tuh!

Dila said...

Haha.. Tetiba ramai lak timbul ngan rambut2 dye2 ni.. Jeles jeles utk org yg nk dye rambut merah.

Tu baru konsert Peterpan. Imagine la kalo konsert... Darkness ke.. Mohicans? Rambut Straighten?

nawaba said...

pehh! kalau darkness dtg buat concert kat malaysia aku pegi!! confirm! biarla seluar ketat seketart ketart nyer, rambut mengerbang sarang tebuan! janji rock yoh!

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