Sunday, January 29, 2006

A piece of life

There are 2 items in the paper that caught my attention today (well yesterday, but lets set aside technicalities will we).

One of them is the dissatisfaction of bank's customer regarding the implementation of a 5 working days a week for bank customer's. Many peoples are writing in expressing their protest for this. Not really a protest but you know what I meant. Some of them suggest an alternate week working or improved in infrastructure or technology. Some of these view do have a point. Some of them are just expressing disbelief on the bank itself in installing the do it yourself kiosk but putting these kiosks inside the bank hall itself. If the bank is close, it is just off limit and served as another decoration in the hall . Kinda beat the purpose, right. Anyhow I guess I do understand both of the sides. The bank staffs and the customers.

I used to work briefly at a bank. Have to work on Saturday really sucks. I meant, no happy happy hours in Friday right? You missed precious time there. And you feel really sluggish on Saturday. You kept on looking at the clock wishing the hands would just flew to show 12.30pm. Not to mention, no sleeping in late. Oh the sweet luxury had been taken so cruelly away from you. We are of course only humans.

Then I changed work where I work Monday to Friday, where sometimes you have no time to go to the bank. Either to the bank you go or go hungry and sweating yourself out running to the office not to be late in lunch hour time. That is if the bank is nearby, like 10 minute walk. 15 minutes or 20 minutes walk? You might as well forget it. You won't reach your office in time and then would get an earful from the boss. Thank God for online banking.

But I do not need to inform that of course there is limitation. Sometimes you need to deal directly with the bank staff's itself. Go to the bank, find place to park, filled out repetitive boring forms, wait for the longest time, just for the pleasure for more depletion of money for some functions which you just could not find the button to click at on your online banking websites. Saturday then it is the only time you can find to go to the bank and do all these . Its no great joy to the customer too. We much prefer to do different fun fun things. Like jogging sleeping.

So this implementation is just not feasible at this moment. Unless we can do almost anything just a click away. Which I seriously doubt in seeing happening this soon. If they still go ahead for this, I guess all those pesky payments and opening accounts and stuffs will just have to wait. Forever.

The second items is the murder of a young girl in my very own hometown neighbourhood. Bandar Baru Uda. Reading about it, makes me sad. She is just so young. Secondary school girl. Murdered and then thrown into a drain. It didn't mention the location of the exact place. Knowing my own neighbourhood, I kinda get the idea where such isolated drains can be at to serve such a perfect place and opportunities for such miserable scoundrels of the earth. Humans are such animals sometimes.

My fingers felt so heavy to type this. I guess since its strike so close to home and also to my heart. How horrible it is to be this girl's family. For the grief and disbelief they are facing. From what I read she is last heard and seen after leaving her house on her way to school at 5.30 a.m. I believed she was waiting for the bus. The usual bus that I used to take myself when I used to attend the school near to the poor girl's school. At the usual time that I used to leave home too, to get to the school in time.

At 5.30 - 6.00 am. You think after azan Subuh were heard, you are safe? Cars and people are even scarcer at this time than at 3am in the morning. I remembered all the men I encountered on my way to wait for the bus. How they wait in dark corners. Calling you, looking at you, gathering all your routines. How your heart stopped when they came near. How heavy your feet feel when a car stopped near you at this time offering for rides and you know they don't meant to get you to your destination. How your hands trembled when you learnt you need to hold that piece of rock all the way to the bus stop.

I don't know what to say more. My heart goes out to the girl and her family. I felt the peoples who had done this will get what's coming to them. But if they do, will they remember that moment? Will they actually regret what they had done? Would the deed haunt them until the day they dies? Or they will just laugh and forget it and live their life posing as respectable citizen?

Be safe girls.


mangifera said...

owh...this is what happen when cannot be accessed from UTP. demm ITMAss.

ok..put that aside, about bank, the best way is to open late around 3 pm and close around 10 pm. but i think that's not belongs to all bank, just for the one with excessive client during end of office hours, i.e: BCB at KLCC. flexibility is the key to success in this kind of business cause how ridicolous the bank doing their operation during office hour when they know that most of their client is office worker? interesting huh..

about the murder, is it rape and murder incident? more and more paedo grew up in our society. or sex maniac. maybe school time also should be adjusted. from 9 to 2 pm. 9 pm is quite safe cause children will wait their bus at 8 or earliest at 7.30. dah cerah...any human being pun takut nak wat pelik2.

from this, we can see that our system need flexibility, aren't we? but our government very afraid to do changes. takut rakyat memberrontak...but anyway, give it a damn try, who's know if it's work.

my 2 cent...

Unta@Jitra said...

Malaysia is not safe anymore... bace paper tiap2 hari pon dah rase takut... i'm scared... n i'll b totally scared kalo ade anak perempuan nanti2...

What made us, humans in Malaysia, a peaceful country, turn into criminals? Poverty? Lust? Lack of education? Laws? Government policies? TV shows?

I wish i know

Dila said...

Huhu. I dunno really whats the alternative solution to the bank. Read at maybank2u they said after 1 feb, no office unless 26 branches in malaysia will open on Sat . (where the hell is it 26 branches they never say)

And then they had naikkan time for bank transaction 9.30 pm to 4.30 pm (I am still at loss to see how this can help the usual office workers who need to work 9 to 5) .

That is like. No changes.

I dunno how can ppls get into their head to do harm to someone they barely know. I understand revenge. I don't understand this kind of crime. Some sick peoples are walking among us.

Snubby, Don of Anime said...

Dueng, mane boleh 9-2 utk skolah. Kita ade sesi pagi dan sesi petang. Kalu buat sampai 2, nnt petang jd sampai kol 7!

One more thing, kat mane2 dlm dunia nih, mesti ade crime. Crime Rate kite masih rendah lagi sebenarnye. Kite takleh nak dptkan 100% crime free, n kalu berjaye, itu namenye UTOPIA bukannye country lagi dah.

Although i agree that our system need flexibility, but transition n changes is not something that human being can accept just like that. We (the gov) first have to educate the ppl. Why do u think there is so many campaign nowadays? Our Government is indeed trying their best, but, a bit slow :p Cth mcm iklan dlm radio pasal "Adik saya hilang tak balik2 lagi! Jgn biarkan mereka keluar tanpa berteman" (

Nak attack mende2 jahat ni, kenelah drpd pucuknye. Root. Sumer mende mesti drpd akar. Dan nak carik akar bukannye senang. Nak kene korek tanah lagi. Nak kene folo mane die pergi..sampailer jumper. Its no easy task.

Utk menjawab soklan unta, aku balas balik dengan soklan. Adakah semua manusia kat Malaysia criminal?? Kalu bukan, camne latar belakang criminal tuh??? Still, kite mmg tak akan dapat jwb secara tepat. sumer mende memainkan peranan. So camne?? Haaa...

Cumenye yg boleh kite buat, jage diri sendri dan anak2 dan keluarga dan sape2 yg penting tuh. Kita tak boleh control org lain...mmg susah, tp kite boleh kontrol aper yg ade kan? Instead of adik2 korang pergi skolah sorang2, pergi aa teman atau antar diorang. Mcm tuh ler aku ckp. Tp kalu kite malas, dan perkare ni terjadi...sape yg bersalah? Aku lagi suke blame kite sendri drpd criminal tuh.

Ape2pon, cakap mmg senang, hhuhuhu. Tp aku still pegang pada satu prinsip. Kalu kite, tak buat jahat kat org mase muda, insya allah, kite takkan kene pada satu hari nnt. Pure Luck, but that is what i called faith.

Eh..panjang nyer aku komen!!! sori2.

Dila said...

Huhu. Kalo time muda2 lagi ko dah kena? Mcm mane laks tu?

Tapi mmg betul parents played an important roles. Susah jadi parent skang.

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