Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY trips like many other before me

So, I had finally made it to Cameron Highlands after 17 years last I had step there.

Nothing to say much here because I am sure many of you had gone there and know your way and experience more than me. As I make the trip , reached there morning and going back late afternoon.

Before even reaching Cameron I needed to make scenic stops to go to the restrooms. 

Above picture 1: Ridiculously 3 cute same colored cats whom were mewing quite loudly and is just so cute I wish I can adopt them all.

Above picture 2: A lovely sungai that make me wish I can dip in tapi tak sempat sebab nak gi Cameron. 

Above picture 3: A ridiculously lovely view from my toilet stall. I doubt there is a more scenic views in a toilet stall anywhere else. 

We reached Cameron at 10 am, after departing from KL close to 6 am. Massive jam ok. Memula rase nak patah balik je. Tayar bas tercabut, jam. Kete rusak, jam. Kete kena saman polis, jam. So we didn't make it in time to my husband's favorite breakfast spot there. Sampai-sampai je makcik tu cakap brusquely "Dah habis."

Muka monyok tak dapat makan roti canai dari kedai kesukaan. Aku ok je, asal makan. Went to Butterfly Farm. Nothing much to see, ok enough place. The butterflies dying all around was freaking me out a bit. But I find this dude looking out so haughtily, that I like him instantaneously and just have to show you guys him handsome profile.

There are similar dudes (lizards whatisname) like this in this pose around the glass case, but he stands out among the rest. 

Went to BOH tea centre where the road condition there almost make me faint in my fear of heights. 

Did the usual things, go take pics, factory tour, eat scones and drink tea at the cafe.

Got back, and just before buying loads of veggies at Kea Farm, drink strawberry juice and eat cakes with strawberries. Love the juice, the cake, is cake with strawberries. But the cakes is not that nice. 

Then we went to Ipoh straight away and have a massive of a headache trying to find a suitable room at a hotel that don't burn a hole at my pocket. Initially planning to stay at Casuarina (now named Impiana... bah.. I like the name Casuarina. Impiana is too generic ), but the room while the price is OK, the hotel served no complimentary breakfast. NOOOOO. A Malaysian hotel that don't include complimentary breakfast is a NO-NO in my book. I mean, you basically expect it to be mandatory. So we went to another hotel, Rega Lodge I think, (not before stopping at Regent Tower Hotel and was aghast to find out the room price at RM350++ for a basic 2 single bed per night. )

After lounging around and contemplating where to eat, we went to Kinta City for the sizzling mee. Favorite haunt during uni days.

Of course I forgot since the last time I went there that the stall now had changed its kuah a bit (I think they make it more watery which makes it meh, when previously it was awesome). Next time, I will REMEMBER that this sizzling mee had now become subpar and go to other place to eat.

And in the morning, after a substantial and satisfying buffet breakfast at the hotel, I went to the pasar pagi Ipoh, which I love, love, love because the junks that are being sold there is junk worthy and makes it nice to look and reminisce. 

I also looked for the stall that used to sell old books but couldn't find it anymore. Bah~! Am bummed but not too bummed because the night before I manage to go to Novel Hut at Ipoh Parade and bought 4 books ( 3 children's book, the other the famous To Kill A Mockingbird which I never read) all for RM24. Yeay!

Then we checked out to go to my ex-classmate wedding at Ayer Tawar. Selamat Pengantin Baru Pian! *waves hand at Pian even though he didn't read my blog*

Straight back to home afterwards. We did drive past UTP, but didn't stop and went through Batu Gajah to reminisce.

God, it had been 5 years since I got out from UTP? Seems like just last year we were traipsing to KFC at Batu Gajah whenever we had some KFC cravings. Now there is even a KFC at Taman Maju! Hoh!


Soraya Zainal said...

KFC at Taman Maju? Wow!

Tetibe teringat zaman Kedai Rahmath was everything to me back in 2001...

taqiyuddin bakir said...

KFC TAMAN MAJU!? MAJU!!!! haha ok. anyways. i love KFC, you'll find them at the huluest of places. They'll be there loooong before McD could.

Dils said...

Isn't it?

Student UTP nowadays got it good.

But nah, I still says our days there are still the best.

Dils said...


A sign if a place is truly maju is when a McD is there. Hahaha. And yeps, go to any pekan, you are bound to find at least 1 KFC.

Kasapsky said...

huhu. banyak yg berubah. Tapi xmacam dulu. Teringat masa uptown tronoh. Blakang rumah kedai. Giler haven dulu. Skrg UTP dah boring sebab dc++ pun xde. Nak chat guna ym je. Kesian

Dils said...

hahaha.. yups. tu yang I said, why our days is the best.

Dari duduk kat rumah kedai (for you guys) / propana tepi tasek penuh komodo to living at the new village. Dari merempat kat bilik orang untuk tengok muvi ramai-ramai sebab most people don't have own computer yet to chatting to your roomie via MiRC , we have a range of experience!


Anonymous said...

that's the sizzling mee????? THE sizzling mee???

dem. tgk pn dah tak selera. cair gile tu... it is changed... T_T

yeah, we had a good time.

mommy nazeef said...

jom pekena nasi lemak pusing!!! hahaha...

Anasfadilah said...

cicak itu sangat hensem...hahaha

frH said...

meremang jap tengok cicak yg xbape kacaks tu. huhu.

agrghh, next week aku pn g cameron. yeahhh. dah lama gile xpegi. thanks for re-freshing the memories whats on cameron ;)

owh kau pegi wedding pian kt side pempuan eh.. aku nak tengok gamba kawen dia oit ..

Dils said...

I know aight? Dengan rege dah naik, then kuah pon makin cair. The taste is still there, cuma tak sebest dulu la. And bile makan, jadi cepat muak.

Hahaha. Tadekle best mana pon kan nasi lemak tu, tah knape slalu sangat nak pegi.

I like that cicak very much.

Mesti ko akan pergi trekking nii. Haha..

Ala, aku tak amik gamba, . Hahaha. Aku amik gamba banting jek.

frH said...

hahaha hampeh!!!

Naddie Anuar said...

KFC Kat taman maju!! impressive (and dengki kt budak2 UTP yg bley makan KFC with minimal effort).

p/s: to kill a mockingbird is one of my fave books. ever. i've reread it so many times and it captured my attention every time :)

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