Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hot Gossip Anyone?

I am as guilty as the next girl. I have to confess this. I am sometimes ashamed of it. But heck. A girl have to have a pastime.

I like celebrity gossip. There. Its not that bad. Oh and I don't look into those Pancaindera or Mangga or what-other-tabloid-gossip-filled-magazine. I love those Hollywood gossip. There are so juicy and full of spice and human drama. (You won't find our local artist saying they had an affair with his children nanny) . I just loved reading MSN gossip when I get to work. Kinda like a cup of coffee before starting.

The biggest drama in our local scene is when Erra and Yusry separated. Full stop. Only that is worth mentioning and it even make it to our frontpage headline of our so called respectable newspaper much to my disgust. Why they can't put the news in a more suitable section? Of course it lack the details or anything. But I guess that is even more informable and gossiper (if such words exist) than the usual gossip column.

" Pelakon A ni dikhabarkan pergi minum-minum, mabuk-mabuk, di sebuah disko Z. "

"Penyanyi B ni berkahwin senyap2 dengan Dato Y, tanpa pengetahuan isteri datuknya. Kemudian si isteri Datuk Y ni datang la ke gerai Penyanyi B ni mengamuk dan mencerca... "

" Penyanyi C dan Penyanyi D ini khabarnya bermesra-mesra, tak nampak macam kawan biasa. Pegang2 tangan, peluk-peluk. Ini yang peminat yg memberitahu saya.."

I meant come on laaa. Who the hell is A, B, C, D ? Of course they always said,
"Kami harap dengan niat memberitahu cerita ini supaya Pelakon/Penyanyi A - Z akan sedar akan kesilapan mereka".

That is just bulls. If they care enough, they would tell the guilty parties to their face. At least hint on it. Sometimes it is just so vague.... That I believe once it even created more gossip where peoples point the finger at this one unfortunate victim who is just as clueless and left defending herself at Melodi. That is why I like Melodi. (The only gossip media thingies I kinda approved). They literally chased the artist down. Ahh.. the path of a true paparazzi are yet to come to Malaysia.

You want to be a gossip columnist? Have more backbone to your writing.

And now.. the latest paparazzi news that is to shook us down. Hollywood I meant. You wouldnt expect me to announce :
"Pelakon A dikhabarkan sekarang adalah tunang Dato' XYZ?"
(nose crinkling up in disgust)

Okay. Resume. My all time favorite actress and sex bomb is preggy. You haven't heard? You lived on Mars I assume. Ok. Angelina Jolie laa. I won't say it is true. It can be true. But unless I see the bulge and Brad Pitt lovingly pet Angelina tummy and saying how they gonna make great parents and even better parents to their adopted children, I will still have that doubt that this is just some over enthusiastic peoples trying to get some rise or excitement after meeting the sex bomb herself.

Now the kid who will have the gene pool of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, gonna be one hell of a looker. That is of course , if the DNA will be kind and do not let all the bad side shine through.

I don't care so much for Brad Pitt as I am in love with Angelina Jolie. I meant of course it is sad and all that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt no longer together. I do like Jennifer Aniston tolerably well. She is cute. But what is not to love leer about this!

Picture curik at: site

If I am butt ugly and in need of plastic surgery and have tonnes of money. I will make myself looking as above!

Woah! Total celebrity girly giddiness. But yeah. I do love reading all this gossip nonsense. Especially the one from and of course my new favorite blog; Pink is the New Blog. Lots of pictures of actors/actresses/singers looking and behaving like mere mortals. That is enough to cheer up my day!

P/S: And also yeah. For UTPians who had just got their result. Congratulations! You got through somehow. If you don't.. well let just say Education ain't everything.


Zer0k3wL said...

Gosip can be considered a method on updating ourselves with current issues on certain ppl, so fairly fine and understood if interest as such is looked after. Dila gosip queen laa rupanyer..hhhm..will share next juicy bits wif ya next time kay ? :P

aaa..dila nak wat plastic surgery..baru tau..butt ugly or ader ugly butt aah ?? kena explain nih...kang salah paham..hehehe..Don't worry in time, angelina jolie is HOT true enough..but if everyone had the same features, wouldnt it just be considered bland and regular in the end ? Its the person inside that matters after all they say beauty is only skin deep..fuhh..ayat Dils..relax yeah..if it matters..a few kgs off and a little bit of makeover is fun enough. But then..what would become of the always smiling and giggly Dila ? betul x? Anyway..mrs jolie is truly stunning in da pic. Cheers Dila! :)

PS : I got my own blog rajin2 laa visit yeh..still mostly useless rambling..kasi counter naik sket..hahaha..thanking ya in advance

nawaba said...

cant say i share the same zest for gossips, perhaps the lack of running electricity in the caves we used to dwell did not allow such endeavours. funny, PS2 ada lak power socket. must be the generators imported from venus(i doubt it!)

born and raised on mars here! and proud to be one!

Snubby, Don of Anime said...

so...u r saying that basically local gossip kinda..erk..rubbish eh?

Mungkin ler..sebahagian drpdnye agak sampah. Huhuh. Tp, aku ade sejarah dengan gosip artis/penyanyi2 nih. Remember my stepmom?? penyanyi popular yg masuk melodi sbb dadah tuh??

Aaa..kalu name die kuar awal2 lg, aku rase hancur dah famili aku. The day die kene tangkap tuh, toksah kire aa baper ratus juta org call ayah aku, aku sendri, sedara mara aku. Huhuhuh. Itu dia penangan local artis nyer citer.

Thats why aku rase, kat sini, lg selamat aa kalu die sembunyikan name tuh. At least tak efek org2 terdekat. kan? kan? kan? kite org melayu ni bukan mcm mat saleh sane, kite "beradab", tak ckp depan2, cakap bisik2 belakang..sedar2 ramai jer jeling2 mate.


Dila said...

ah yes.. forgotten that artist/stepmom issues. It is kinda hard that it falls on someone you know or family.

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