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The theme for this book reviews are: Romance and Love.

Cucur Bawang Dan Kopi 'O'

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Bila sudah duduk serumah, mulalah berputik satu perasaan aneh dalam hati mereka walaupun masing-masing masih keras kepala. Namun, egois masing-masing terlalu tinggi melampaui Gunung Everest. Perkahwinan mereka hanya sekadar di atas kertas dan terus menjadi rahsia.

Kemunculan Khairulnizam membuatkan Iskandar gelisah bila kawan baiknya itu tertarik hati dengan Rudiana, isterinya yang mula dicintainya tanpa sedar itu. Mampukah Iskandar melihat isterinya menjadi kekasih kawan baiknya sendiri? 

The introduction was clunky and weird and out of place. The intro is meant for the first meeting, I wished it had been made differently. No explanation given why the heroine stole the cucur bawang for no apparent reason! It is so weird.

Then the author tried to make the bantering between the both of them as sarcastic and witty and it does not work!

Not to mention, the children are just a plot device. After the children are conveniently being shipped off to the mother, they are never heard of again! Even during the wedding day!!

Oh and it so unnecessarily long! Ade 2 page nak menggambarkan how the guy misses the girl, when a paragraph suffice! It just basically rehash the same feelings all over and over again that I feel like killing kittens . And I LOVE KITTENS.

The cliffhanger at the end of each chapter was annoying.

Reading it to the end was torture. I begin to just skim read it to finish it and probably will give this book for free to anyone who wants it.

The only upside was the story was set in JB, my hometown, but not enough of a JB feels are incorporated into it that I am still meh about it.

American Girls about Town

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Compilation of short stories done by American romance authors for Make A Wish foundation. 

So hard to rate short stories. I will just put it on what I like and don't like.

"The Truth about Nigel"  - the best because it is fun and sweet and reminiscing of Bridget Jones .

Also like " Andromeda on the Street of Ducklings" of a woman who mourns her fiance in Paris. "Leaving a Light on" was a clever story turning something seemingly seedy into romantic and sweet. I love it.

The one I am meh about is "Yoga Babe" and "I Know a Woman" . I couldn't see the point.


My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The perils and pitfalls of flatsharing are brought vividly to life in this frank and funny first novel by an exceptionally talented new writer who possesses a wickedly accurate eye for detail and a highly infectious sense of humour.

I don't actively dislike it. That is one way of putting it.

I wish they is more of a rapport between the friends, but even though supposedly they should be friends from schools, it is like they had just met. I don't feel it people.

Everyone in this book is an idiot. Though I guess they have to be idiots to go through this passage of life and worth to be written about, I can't imagine anyone being this much of an idiot. So yeah I can't empathized with anyone but I like how they manage to escape their mess. Convenient but not deserving.

Other than that .. it was ok. The style here is simple and straightforward. Not too zany which I likes. A quick read but nothing too enjoyable I guess.

Is this her first book? Maybe I will try another to see if I would like her style more.

The Consequences of Love

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Naser is a young African immigrant who works the carwash in downtown Jeddah. The long, hot summer has arrived and his friends have left the city. Naser spends his time off sitting beneath the palm tree outside his flat, dreaming of Egyptian actresses, and keeping out of the way of the religious police. One day a woman dropped a note at his feet and Naser finds what he was always looking for. A woman to love. 

Reading it as a Muslim living a moderate-conservative Islamic country, my perspective of this book I guess may not be as others.

I love how the story is being tell here. I like how where in the world where men and women are so extremely segregated that forbidden temptations comes up to replace the usual ones.

I don't believe men and women should be so segregated. I disapproved of those. Women should have a voice and a choice on where she wants to go and what she wants to wear, who she wants to marry. However the casual way they give way to their desire is also shocking and a bit unbelievable. . However I guess they are still in their teens. So ... hormones.

Like the story. Some part of it I am a little squeamish off. I never like story about rape. Will be looking for more stories of love set in the Muslim world.

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