Friday, June 05, 2015

First parent teacher review!

There was a preschool PTA meeting of sort last weekend for Aziz and Saif.

Which is why my previous update of Saif got all the remarks from his caretaker.

So I think it is apt that I should write one what the teacher talked about Aziz too.

Anyway as my plan landed on Friday night tu I just remembered that the refreshments for these school meet is potluck. Initially I felt like bringing a box of air kotak je. Pemalas. Tapi I think it is best pon hehe sebab if there is any leftover it is up to the teacher what to do with it and they can use it for their students later on pon dari kena buang gitu je. Tapi tak sempat la. With sampai KL dah dekat kul 10 malam, so later that morning I asked my husband to just buy a plasticful of kueh je pagi2.

He bought about a dozen and more donuts and it is gone within 30 mins when I put it on the tables. Mostly kids. Hehe. Hermm.. besok nak beli donut jugak la.

Anyway we got in late but just in time for teacher and parents session on our kids. Hehehe. Jumpa teacher Saif dulu and she said mostly on what I had mentioned, susah sikit minum susu, but got improvements, etc.. and also die suke berdukung. Haha. Memang Saif tu little koala bear pon.

Then jumpa Aziz pulak. Boleh tak aku kecut perut. LOL. I thought my anxiety regarding schools had left when I left schools, but then it had been renewed with kids going to school. Sesungguhnye how our kids act are reflected in our upbringing kan, so it kinda like if the kids misbehave, partly tu it feels like we are in the wrong lah. Thats my thought.

But teacher die basically Aziz die senang je jaga. Haha. There is nothing specific lah we can improve upon, though her teacher did said she is going to toilet train Aziz the next month. Haha. Oh well.. dengan itu maybe I should provide more pants . But she likes Aziz and I can see Aziz likes and respected her so it is ok. Ape sangat laahh nak dikomen for a 3 year old kid kan?

My husband and I always wondered what Aziz did at school because if we ask him buat ape kat school he will said this "Aziz belaja Bismillah...pastu Aziz tido" . Everytime without fail. Haha. Then I tanye makan ape, it would be either pizza or nasi dengan ayam. Hahaha. I pon lupa nak tanye teacher if they really do served pizza or Aziz punye imaginasi je. But his teacher gave us a file of Aziz works and it got 2 full files filled with Aziz coloring and watercolor paintings. Awww. My cold heart grew considerably warmer that day.

A photo posted by @shammin on

One of the 'watercolor' piece. I actually like this one. Hehe.


Lisalisut said...

Hehe samaaa. Kdg i rs apebenda la skolah dia ni duk bg color tpk tgn tpk kaki. Well at least ade aktiiviti kan. Haha. Hannah pn i tye mkn ape blk2 mee, nasik. Sup. i mcm ye ke?? Ble tye cikgu, cikgu dia ckp haah. Igtkn dia main repeat ape kite tye. Haha.

Mari Femme said...

That painting is nice! Cpt2 beli frame ><

dils said...

Haha. Kan suspicious betul ape die orang buat kat skolah. Kite ni nak suh kaler tangan ultraman pon dah sakit nyawa. Haha.

dils said...

Haha. Lawa kan. tah macam mana lah die buat tu. Frame pastu jual as abstrak .

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