Monday, June 22, 2015

More updates!

I am definitely on a roll this month. Feeling kinda refreshed. Which is weird. 

Anyway... this weekend was kinda busy with feeling lethargic and lazing at home. Saif is still cranky from not being well and I was going bonkers. I was thinking.. "wait.. wasn't he such a good happy go lucky baby.. what happened". I guess having a fever and a flu would do that to a baby. 

Buka puasa with my siblings on Saturday and made kueh keria from purple sweet potato which throws my anak2 sedara off. Sunday I tried Ayuni beef keema recipe and it turned out nicely. Though I eat mine with rice, I can't help but think that it would be nicer with a roti canai or chapati. Lupa beli. Then malas nak patah balik dah. 

With abang bobby. Bobby dari dulu if nampak ade baby he will sprawl dekat situ. Macam nak suruh uli2 perut je kan.

Die habiskan semangkuk peas. Good boy sangat.

Mula2 tu tak sabar then after few spoonfuls he lost interest and bawled his head off. 

His appetite has gone up somewhat. Masa sakit kurang sikit nak makan, but I noticed he really like sweet food like pumpkin and sweet potato. Bagi buah like apple and pear puree he refused to open his mouth ok. And if he is in a good mood he can finish a bowl, but semalam a bit cranky lepas 5 6 spoonfuls he is more interested in playing with the spoon. 

Perangai suke berdiri ni tak padan dengan 7 bulan. Wow. He is 7 months today. He is always trying to stand. I usually find him trying to stand in the middle of the night. When I opened my bleary eyes to look at him, nanti die akan tersengih2. For this weekend I am getting him accustomed again to the living room. Die nak lepak kat bilik je mostly and would only crawl around on bed. So getting him at the living room biar die biasa and tak takut. 

Put in Aziz face in front of my beef bowl. Pergi Midvalley baru2 ni noticed Yoshinoya dah bukak balik and I was ecstatic! I love Yoshinoya. Terus I lupa niat nak makan mee tarik sedap kat food court. Aziz pon suke the beef bowl. Though it was really crowded. People are jostling for a table. Next time would book a table first before getting a meal because sometime you can wait a while. 

Ok suddenly got really sleepy again. End post now. 

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