Thursday, June 18, 2015


That is how I feel.

So hows you guys going.  Manage to wake up for sahur and cooked. Well just one dish. Put in udang goreng with a bit if bawang and chilli and abit of tumeric. It was nice. But I think it is a bit too much for me for first sahur. Yes me who who don't eat heavy meals so early on the day.

Ikutkan hati memang malas, tapi dah nama bini orang. Also am breastfeeding so need plenty of enery and fluid to get it going la kan. There was some reheated sambal tempe and kentang which was nice and I tune in Sleepless in Seattle while eating at the living room since Saif is there so he can golek2.

Tapi Duke jam la plak. I wonder if daily memang akan camni, because before this Duke usually smooth je.

I am not cooking for buka puasa today sebab simply I am not feeling it. Boleh gitu. Haha. Also a bit pening since my body is adjusting to this not eating and drinking phase. Hmm.. and so so cold.

Actually I am horribly sleepy made even more terrible because there is no work... so hence I typed here. Which is why I sounded so incoherent.

Ooohh.. also manage to print out resepi untuk biskut raya. I told my husband tahun ni malas la buat sebab ade tiny babe yang susah gile nak tido. Tapi rase nye bole kut buat satu je. Hahahaha. Kite tengokkk nanti. If I made it, I update it.

Hohhhhh... baru pukul 2.20 pm kee.

2 jam lebih lagi.. what to do what to do.

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