Tuesday, June 23, 2015

IFlix and ...

Husband tried to subscribe with iFlix. Those who are not in the knows, IFlix is kinda like Netflix, where you pay to watch streaming tv shows or movies. Right now the services is only available in Philippines and Malaysia. I tried it when I was Singapore but I can't sign in saying "out of country". 

It offers some popular old series and fairly good list of current tv shows. You know I am a tv addicts. This is tailor made for people like me! I haven't looked through the movies list yet because I am too busy rewatching Friends. Yes! They have all seasons of Friends! I was just before this considering to buy the dvds which gonna cost a lot. But now it is in IFlix. I am so excited! It have other current shows. Husband is watching Suits and Arrows in IFlix. 

Got some cartoons, old tv cartoons and gotten Aziz to watch Bananas in Pajamas which he kinda loves. Got animated movies too for the kids.  It is now offering a month trial (wait I read up in the site it is only for 14 days.. but we have been using it for free for a month now and still can watch all this shows)

I am going to continue with Iflix! I think even with Astro is gone, I won't notice though Aziz would surely do. His Upin and Ipin and Ultraman fix is in Astro though. Oh, we need to use a browser for it for now so definitely needed a computer or a laptop or a tab, so the options are we connect our laptop to the tv using hdmi cable. Don't ask me the steps because my husband set it up, but I think it is simple enough.  Below is how it is setup in our house. 

Got mini screen(laptop) for playing and the tv screen for actual viewing. That is the very first episode of Friends btw. Rachel wedding headpiece was out of this world. 

Hoped IFlix is here to stay. The only thing we wished is that it offered subtitles but maybe it depends on the show.... like I said I haven't really browsed because whenever I put it on, I quickly play Friends . So thumbs up to the founder! 

Oh... continue on.. 

Sebab semua orang share ape die orang buka day to day.. I pon nak cakap gak. Though I don't take pictures of mine. Sebab dah kelam kabut. Mana taknye. Sampai rumah 6.45 camtu.. terus la ke dapur. Menu semalam is just daging paprik and telor dadar. Sebab daging paprik tu dah ade sayur semua kan ( walaupon I only consider leafy green veges as true sayur) , I just put kobis and carrot in my paprik. And buat telo dadar. Masak nasi . Habes semua siap dalam 7.15. Can't believe I manage to masak in that short time because orang tak terer masak macam I ni memang lembap dalam dapur. Tu pon sambil jenguk resepi gak. Haha. Masa paprik pon kena tengok resepi . Most of my recipe I used to cook for day to day ni.. I usually take it from Mat Gebu. Maybe because we are both Johorean so taste for food macam asam pedas, kari, tu macam sama and I usually like the food I cooked when I used his recipe.

Also... to me the ultimate brush bottle! It is the middle one. I like it sebab the sponge does not easily come off after vigorous brushing. Ini pon aku berharap semoga sentiasa ade di Giant :D

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