Friday, June 19, 2015

Holding in a sneeze

While I am writing this. Apparently I am sick. Have a flu. No wonder I felt so bleary and out of sorts. 

Then my husband is down with sakit mata. My baby is still feverish a bit. Aziz the one who is healthy and well. I am making him cook my buka puasa lah macam ni. 

Yesterday I was planning to buy kat pasar ramadhan kan? Haram tadek. Went to this little stretch of road that used to have plenty of nice variety of food. I don't know if they started or not, tapi obviously there is not a lot of stalls. And I was searching for nasi  ( and I very very rarely beli nasi berlauk ), then apart from the nasi berlauk, there are only 3 other stalls selling nasi and all of them are selling nasi ayam kunyit. You know. pieces of chicken with long beans or carrots slathered with tumeric and goreng. 

It is delicious but I kinda like meh .. and why are there like 3! And all the kuehs are sold out because I only manage to be there are 7pm. So last2 I balik empty handed. 

But husband had already buy murtabak raja from our favorite kedai earlier, and my sister give me bubur lambuk dari surau and I goreng karipap which I have loads in the freezer. ( My mom and aunty likes to give me frozen karipap and anything requiring effort usually I will put off so I have so many karipap to last me a year) . 

So technically I didnt cook ( karipap frying is an exception) but did not buy at pasar ramadhan either. Hehe. 

I will not be cooking for this buka puasa either sebab my sister dah bagi lauk. Also my hidung is having a flowing tap moments, so it was never on the table. Sahur I masak! I hope. But have to. Sebab weekend usually required more energy. 

(Sahur pagi tadi pon tak masak sebab obviously too sick but my husband just reheated the leftover murtabak for him and I bakar roti . I love bread and butter. I can eat that for 5 days straight be sick of it and then get on it again 2 weeks later )

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