Friday, June 12, 2015


- Its been almost one and a half month I worked as a tester. 3 and a half month to go! A colleague asked what we are going to do next. I honestly dont know. We'll see when we get there. 

- A cold cold day. Been hankering for a hot drink.. but office here got those instant Milo, Teh Tarik, Coffee machine. Save duit! Though I had gotten a bit sick of em. Time to bring my own tea satchets. I asked and apparently the usual kopi o or tea bag not provided. Erm. Ok then. 

- It is going to be Ramadhan soon. I am not sure how I am gonna be at home in time to cook, but I will try lah. In the mean time, simpan resepi2 yang got very easy peasy cooking. Also went to Melawati punye Pasar Tani last Saturday to buy those instant paste that this couple sells in a clear plastic packet. It is homemade and lasted up to a month if frozen ( though I like to live dangerously and used it up to 2 months) . Ade instant paste, kari, masak lemak, masak hitam, dan tah hape la lagi, Can't remember. I like the instant paste kari. Siap ade instruction lagi at the packet berapa ML air and santan to put.. Put in the paste, put in water and santan then add your daging to the instant paste kari. Sedap! I like it very much. 

- Yes. Sampai sekarang I still failed masih kari. Though husband did say he likes my sambal. Dulu rase sambal tu renyah nak masak, sekarang kalau tadek idea sangat masak je sambal. Haha. Sebab kalau ade sambal je dah macam standalone meal. No need anything pon can. Naseb baik Aziz also can eat sambal pedas tanpa banyak songeh. 

- Dengan itu misi weekend ni adalah masak big batch of sambal to be stored in the fridge. 

- Also thank god for whoever that invents airfryer/actifry! I think my Actifry would save the day for most Ramadan meals. So yeah.. those who are always in a hurry, an airfryer would be an item you won't regret buying. Ever. I can't say for the Phillips since I don't have those but I like my Actifry. Very handy. Ops. Needs to goreng bilis also tomorrow using the actifry. 

- Not really looking forward to Pasar Ramadhan because I predict on how crazy expensive things will be. Kueh jual bawah ofis ni saiko mahal. 1 0.60 kau! Pffft. But semestinyela akan pegi jugak, especially time I dont think I can cook tu. Maybe just kueh pelita. Ohhh.. and sambal tempoyak ade pakcik jual kat pasar keramat. Hahahaha... kate tak look forward tapi dah start list down.

- This weekend wants to go to Midvalley for some shopping for the kids (Saif needs baju raya! I just realized he don't have one! Anak baru dua lupa nak beli baju raya, Anak 5 terus duduk rumah takyah raya kut)  tengok wayang, masak stok sambal and bilis. And freaking mop the house. Lets see what gets done. The traffic gonna get crazy this weekend like it always do before Ramadhan. 

How they are are seated. Aziz tu kadang2 kelakar. Kalau die mengantuk he will like tossed and turned on his car seat and be like.. Aziz nak tido la. Then I would be like. tido je laa tadek sape halang. 

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