Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reels and Small Screens - A seriously lenghty post with no real substance.

Updating because aku tadek keje wehhh.. boring. 

As for the cinema ( the reels in topic....), my husband and I we took turns watching movie at the cinema. Sebab susah la nak bawak tots and a babe. Husband usually go to watch his movie at night or me during the day on a weekend afternoon. I remember my colleague asked me who I go out with to watch movies if husband is watching the kids, and I said alone. Terus die buat muka pelik. Haha. I mean biasa la tu. To get my girlfriends with me bole kut, but then it would take longer, sebab of course la nak kena lunch la ape la or minum2 ke. If I go alone, I buy popcorns and soda and that is my meal. Though I think I will no longer buy it.

Sebab sometimes I can't really have soda if sakit perut ke, sakit kepala ke or time pregnant ( sebab the pening afterwards is just not worth it) and then they charged the ice lemon tea yang cikai tu rm5 and the popcorn cost like rm12 tambah gst dah nak close to rm20. Yeeesshhhh! That is not worh it. Next time I am stashing a bottled ice lemon tea or mineral water in my bag. And a sandwich or snickers. Bloody hell that is daylight robbery RM20 for an ice lemon tea with artificial lemon and a small tub of popcorn.. Not to mention cinema dulu kan kalau beli tiket online ikut suke la nak pilih seat mana. Tapi now if seat yang atas sikit rm20 bawah sikit yang buat sakit tengkuk rm18. Gile I tell you. I don't know if buy directly same price like that or only online je kena. I havent bought tickets direct at the ticket counter since forever. 

Anyway.. I decided to watch San Andreas. My husband is like pelik because he knows I would like Jurassic World better being Chris Pratt is in there ( his IG is cute. His love for Anna Faris is swoony) ,, tapi I had always liked big disaster movies and big disaster movies are best seen in a cinema. So it was ok, nothing spectacular and everything is predictable but I had a good time. 

Nak review ke? Tak perlu kut. It is a dumb disaster movie that are done well entirely by the earnest casts. The Rock never disappoint y'all. 

I wish I have the time to watch Jurassic World in the cinema, but I am not sure how I am gonna wrangle that out during bulan puasa. Tengok wayang time puasa is not that satisfying if we can't have something to munch on. I'll think about it. 

Now for the small screens. I am still the same. Obsessed with TVs. And this post seems apt with the season finale of Game of Thrones yesterday. I will give a list from the top of my head on the tv series I am currently still watching or following , and some opinions on it. ( May include spoilers like those who are not updated in the latest Greys Anatomy or Vampire Diaries. )

Game of Thrones - Incredible for the last couple of episodes. It improved tremendously by getting Tyrion to Daenarys. And that white walkers slaughter of the wildlings and the watch was seriously great TV since forever. Last night episodes was full of death and uncertainty and I don't know if I just can't wait for the book or for the series. And which will come out first?!!? 

Outlander - I love this series. People had been lamenting about the amount of rape or threat of rapes in this series, but it is not that outrageous to me. The series made me wants to go to Scotland more! Ohh.. those who want to watch this series, don't watch it with kids or parents. Nudity and sex abound. I was surprised at first but then learned that series from the Starz network usually have this. 

Greys Anatomy - Derek died. I honestly dont care. I never like them together anyway. Yes. I am still watching this . Will tune in till the end I guess. It is a fun relaxing watch. Macam the thing I usually look forward to watch on a Saturday morning with my tea and toast. 

Vampire Diaries -  Nina Dobrev had exited the show! And that means no more Elena. I actually am looking forward to see how they gonna do the next season because Elena was such a central figure in the whole story. 

The Originals - I kept on hoping Klaus to die. Or Caroline to go there. I have no idea why I watched, but i guess if nothing else ade, just watched it la. 

The Good Wife - Had deteriorated a lot this season. Maybe just by focusing on Alicia , it just feels really heavy and boring. Julianna Margulies have the screen presence but what made it fun to watch before is how all the cast interacted with each other. Christine Baranski for instance, is awesome in whatever scene you put her in. And that whole 'splicegate'. Don't know who is in the wrong, but it just made Margulies looks worse and frankly I kinda leaning in the belief that Julianna Margulies is kind of an asshole.  ( so more many thoughts tapi lagi panjang )

The Flash - The best new series of 2014/2015. Seriously, Watch it. 

Gotham - Meh. Only ok when Morena Baccarin came in. Before this it was too dark and depressing.

iZombie - Created by the same people who did Veronica Mars. Expect loads of snappy , quick, witty dialogue. Which I like tremendously. ( This is the same reason why I love Buffy and Gilmore Girls). 

Scorpions - Good procedural show. Nothing to shout about. Laughable in the this is kind of ridiculous .. but boleh la for an hour tv. 

Reign - Incredibly ridiculously historically inaccurate. Francis is taking a long time to die y'all... But.. seriously pretty actors and actresses. 

MARVEL Agents of Shield - Ok lah. This season is a bit smoother compare to last season. But not really something I look forward to but bile start to watch it is quite enjoyable.

MARVEL Agent Carter - Better than Agents of Shield, which is solely because the chemistry between Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy is just too good. I love James D'Arcy. 

Big Bang Theory - Hey! It is still on! Ok for a quick laugh. 

Parenthood - The series finale was ages ago. I love Parenthood. Good family drama that always manage to make you choke out a tear or two especially when Monica Potter is sobbing. Will definitely miss Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman. Hope to see them more. 

Nashville - Gotten really soapy which do not deter the awesomeness of Connie Britton hair. Love the songs sometimes, mostly watch this when all the series I had watched finished or when I am doing chores. 

Scandal - Olivia Pope is no longer awesomesauce. And Fitz is the worst! 

How to Get Away With Murder - Pretty training wheel lawyers trying to lawyering and murdering. Oklah. It is good that it is just 13 eps. Don't think I can stand it if it is 22 eps. 

Hart of Dixie - Rachel Bilson as a small town doctor is cute and totally not belieavable. It was a fun show lah, have its up and down. Usually am bored by it, sometimes charmed. But it finished at Season 4 all neatly tied up with a bow. 

Downton Abbey - Wait.. is it starting yet? Watch it for Lady Mary but am thoroughly charmed with the cute quiet romance of Carson and Mrs Hughes. So hell yes I am still watching because it seems like Matthew Goode will be there for next season? 

Elementary - My husband still watching it, and it is still there in the computer. I love Lucy Liu so I watched it. A good procedural show. Have its hits and misses but the case of the week are charming and usually not predictable which I enjoy. 

State of Affairs - A Homeland wannabe ( I dont watch Homeland but that is the feels I get).They didn't manage to portray the main characters well, which is why I guess it got axed midway. 

Constantine - I love this! But it got axed. That actor here is more Constantine than Keanu Reeves could hope to be. I wish there is more. 

The Mindy Project - Another axed show but got move to Hulu. Hehe. So it lives on. Love and am exasperated at Mindy Lahiri and Danny and love Mindy Kaling. 

Jane the Virgin - A charming show in a telenovela sorta way. But I seriously dont care. I dont think so I will watch the next season kut because I keep on forgetting that I havent watched the finale yet. 

Once Upon A Time - Why.. why am I still watching this after the whole Elsa debacle. That was bad. But Lana Parilla is just too good to let go hence I stay. And Hook is pretty and got distractingly long eyelashes for a pirate. 

So roughly I watched about 20 tv shows. Wow. Well there are some that are axed or I decided to quit. Tapi mesti aku nak tambah tengok lagi. And I am also still watching Orphan Black, and Hannibal and Inside Amy Schumer ( another must watch, she is a great comedian ) , Didn't comment about these 3 because only watch like one eps each and havent started on Hannibal yet. Always like to marathon Hannibal, then I will get like really sick by the beauty and gore of the show. 

I should have aspired to be a tv writer.  

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Mari Femme said...

I cant stand How To Get Away w Murder too! Awl2 mcm syiok then asek scene 18pl je. Aku skip bnyk towards the end season. Lol.

The Flash aku tompang laki aku tgk. Menarik walau intai2 je. Haha.

Gotham was ok.

Have you watch Blacklist? I already stop at season 2 but husband said it is pretty interesting jugak episode lately. Series ni mcm roller coaster utk aku. Kejap bes. Kejap meh.

Breaking Bad bg aku bes. Tgk sbb serabut whats the fuss. Nasib baik mmg layan smpai ending.

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