Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hello all. I guess some of you who're not bookworm are all sick n tired of the book meme updates. Too bad. Been enjoying doing it in fact.

Not gonna talk much about that but instead I am gonna whine on how ronery I am. Which is a lie. Because I am waiting for my friend to pick me up anytime now. However because I don't enjoy being stuck in a jam and driving around looking for parking spots I chose to go early ( like several hours early) and basically walk alone. There are times when I enjoy it but not so much today because today is my husband birthday. Happy birthday!

Now resuming back to complaining. Well it gets kinda boring especially walking around in ikea alone. I think we can dine alone, watch movie alone, shop alone. But window shop in ikea alone is not so awesome which goes hand in hand with eating buffet alone. However that is slightly better than playing bowling alone. Because I had once played bowling next lane to a man who are playing alone and man did we speculate. Was he training for a competition? Olympic? Was he burning down some stress or downtime? Or was he just weird.

So people, don't bowl alone.

Anyway I am veering off course. I meant to write here that sometimes when you walk or dine alone you get a chance to hear things you don't normally hear when you are with someone else. Like the guy next table where I am sitting now had just called some girl making excuses to her on how sorry he is that he is late but unable to meet her now because he is busy while his friend is laughing at him. Just an hour ago I overhear a guy asking his date with a note of concern in his voice if Subway would be enough for lunch while the girl goes 'yeah' distractedly. Awwww. So sweet. Or maybe he is concerned that it is not enough for him? Hmmmm.

Telinga pasang besar je bile tadek ape nak dibuat kan?
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taqiyuddin bakir said...

The posts are interesting. Makes me want to read a real book. All i've been reading all my life are fantasy stuff, withample sprinkling of sci-fi.

iceroll said...

Haha ok lagi drpd pegi karaoke sorang2. haha

[re-arrange] said...

haha kau suke kan dok dgr pastu wat speculation sendiri. i have a little LOL :p

Dils said...

I am gonna watch Game of Thrones, and if I like it as much, I am gonna buy myself a George R Martin books.

Tapi gi karaoke sesorang tiada org sekeliling silently judging you.

Hahaha. Oh itu memang favorite pastime. Mesti nak bukak telinga luas-luas kalau duduk sensorang.

I like people watching & listening.

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