Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 02 - A book that you've read more than 3 times

There are a lot of books that I read and reread and some I even had lost count on how many times I had read it. However I opt not to mention those books since I'll be mentioning some of them later on. And I opt for this because I want to include some chic lits in the mix.

The book is : The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger.

I honestly can't remembered if I read the book first or watch the movie, however I know that I prefer the book more. 

Minor spoilers ahead (to those who have not watch the movie or read the book)
I read and re-read it during my first years of working. My first few years of working had been, torturous and full of uncertainties. This book seems to speak to me and comforted me in thinking that even working in a glamourous place, your work can sucks.

I like Andy journey into her career and reading it amused me, frustrates me and all in all entertains me. Why I like to reread it? Like I said, it entertains me but also frustrates me. I am not exactly in agreement over Andy decision and many would clamored over her opportunities, so to see her walk away due to principles I am kinda like throwing my hands up in frustration. So I put away the book and after some time had pass, I forgot my frustration on the ending, I picked up the book again to be entertained and relived Andy experience yet again. 

As much as people deride chic lit, this is a well written book. A coming of age sorts of journey and a great read for girls who are in the start of their career. And I am never bored reading it. Writing this again make me think of the book, and felt like picking it up again. Those who had not read it, I seriously recommend it.


[re-arrange] said...

aku tak igt aku ada ke tak buku ni. Rasa mcm ada beli buku ni. Ke aku beli dvd pirate dia ek?

Kene bongkah blk kotak2 buku aku ni ahahaha :P

Dils said...

Haha. Ko baca ke chic lit? Mungkin ko ade dvd die kut? Cerita die is quite good, tapi aku rase the book lagi realistic, while movie macam nak tunjuk baju and kasut je lebih.

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