Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 04 - Favorite book of your favorite series

Anne of the Island. Another owned books that looked like dire and old, but well beloved. 

I have a hard time choosing which Anne books I love more. I chose this because this is one of my most beloved story in the series. 

The reason is simple enough, the romance. 

This is the book Anne struggles on her feelings for Gilbert and her life at college. Reading on her life at college it seems like living the college life in the 1800s is not much difference from living the college life in 2000s. They still suffered through the stresses of boys, friendships, exams, professors. Only we don't have balls. Why we don't have balls??? 

I love her friendships with the other girls and I love the idyllic settings Kingsport that'd been described by Montgomery. Also this is the book where Anne finally grow up and become a woman. When I read this book, I feel like there is a blush creeping up in my cheeks. This book brings to mind, pure, true love and great friendships. That is a story I can never be bored with. 


Soraya Zainal said...

hmm.. after reading your review, aku terasa sangat2 nak beli and baca buku ni :D

Dils said...

Buku ini sangatlah sweet, if you kinda like Little Women, then mesti you love this.

Start from the first!

adah said...

hi dils,

come across your post and hey, i love the book too! ^_^
mind if i link ur blog to mine?


Dils said...

Hi Adah,

The story is lovely kan? Link away!

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