Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 12 - A book you used to love but don't anymore

This is a hard one, but then I will changed this title to suit my needs, so what I am gonna mention on books I used to love but not anymore will be the Shopaholic series.

I love the first book. It was really funny.  I won't deny it. 

However as the series spawned more books, I begin to detest Becky. What is wrong with her that she can't seems to see that her habit is terrible? Why does she takes the meeting (shopaholic anonymous) as something frivolous ? How she had still not learned that because of her shopping, she lands in trouble? And the solution to a shopaholic is to marry a really rich guy so he can support her habit? 

I beginnning to detest the books and Becky because while I don't think that it is anything wrong that people should aspire to be a fictional character, many people seems to think that 'being Becky' is a good thing. I won't deny that sometimes the compulsion to shop is irresistible. It does not happened to just women. Men too (oh please you gadget freak guys). However a lot of people have a serious problem with shopping that amounts to debt that can feed a small nation of African children and the books seems to be so superficial in dealing with Becky problem that I feel like burning her shoes and clothes. 

So for a book that is laughing out loud funny at the first time due to Becky tendency to shop, it is becoming irksome later on as I can't help but tire of her antics in the later books. I don't like to think of myself that way, (never learning of past mistake), and I don't want my friends to be that way too. So Becky I am breaking up with you because you're so vapid I could scream. I like my characters in a series to develop and develop well. You know what is a good chic lit series that the characters grew well? Try to read Meg Cabot, Queen of Babble. The first book deals with a girl so incredibly naive but by book three you can't help but admired how she grew. (That's how I felt btw) . 


Serr said...

Agreed. And agreed. Nuff said. The subsequent series just get more frivolous.

[re-arrange] said...

aku penah baca first book je. and that was funny. tak penah lg baca subsequent series so... not sure.

but i'll take ur word for it. usually this kinda series always exaggerate the first issue that makes the character seems... not developing at all.

and agree, that would be a big turnoff

Dils said...


And the movie was worse! It was painful to watch.


It seems to go on and on. I am curious about the latest book, but not curious enough to buy it.

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