Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 13 - Your favorite writer

I am taking the easy way out by just naming Neil Gaiman. I got several of course, and I can name L.M Montgomery or Crichton or Reilly, but thinking back I'd read almost all of Gaiman's work and like most of it which is why I chose him.

Pic credit: (taken by Kimberly Butler)


  • He is quite a handsome chap
  • He tweets a lot, but not too much
  • Most of his books are awesome, ( tho sorry Neil, I am not too in love with your short stories)
  • I am always looking forward to his next novel ( can it be the sequel to Good Omens? OMG)
  • His characters are wondrous, his fairytale have a gritty realistic appeal to it, his horror stories are haunting. 


Soraya Zainal said...

okay, die handsome enough utk buat aku tertarik nak beli buku2 dia. hehehe

chics said...

Neil Gaiman memang awesome!

Dils said...

And he loves cat. A big plus!

Tersangat awesome. I wish to be him when grow up, tapi macam terlalu tinggi sangat cita2.

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