Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 09 - A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

Well, not exactly 'love' but like it immensely, I did.

The book is Collected Short Stories Vol. 2 by W. Somerset Maugham. Yes it is a collection of short stories and I like it immensely and I don't really prefer short stories. 

I bought this book on the first ever BBW sale. (Sobs. Kalau ade book sale di obscure places and En. Shamani tiada untuk jadi driver, terpaksa la aku terkulat-kulat GPS-ing the location, walaupon my ability to read map is slightly better than my ability to read Mandarin).

I have no idea why I bought it, but I was intrigued by the picture of the Malay guy in front. I like reading about British life, and more intrigued to know about the British colonial life. Saying that, after I picked it up, I felt the book is going to be a bore. I mean 19th century writer usually used long winding words and were frightfully bored eh. 

Therefore imagine my surprise on the first story I was completely engrossed and laughing out loud. I did not expect it, but it is a pleasure to know that I did not waste my money on this book. 

Not all writers are able to write witty/gut wrenching write short stories. Maugham manage to do that. His stories range from the laughable to sadness to haunting. Falling in love, murder in the jungle, high society 19th century life, those are just some stories in the book and all of the stories are written well and completely enjoyable. 

Googling him I found out that he wrote a lot of short stories during his life and several novels but short stories was his forte. After reading the book, you completely know why. He is now an author that I wish to get to know his work well and will be on the lookout for his works. 


Soraya Zainal said...

If you need driver for BBW, just let me know :)

Serr said...

william somerset maugham seemed like a very very familiar name. was his work included in English Lit masa zaman kita sekolah menengah? Penat aku Google tak jumpa2...

Dils said...

Thanks sue! Hehehe. For sure. Currently tiada book sales lagi yang menarik.

I have no idea if we read any books during English. I don't think so (the only book I remembered reading for English are Tess of D'uberville but that is because the teacher personally asked me to read it for me to be exposed more in English Lit. I love that teacher), or perhaps your year dah kena baca kut?

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