Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 08 - Most overrated book

There were several books that came to mind, but I think this one is my personal favorite of "I don't know why people said it is so funny"

I bought and read the book due to:
1. Zombies
2. Many people favorable reviews

While the book does not sucks, it does not leave me clutching at my side holding my stomach from laughter. Most of the times I am just 'meh'. It got some pretty amusing moments and some of the ending for the characters end more satisfactorily than the original book. Also I found Elizabeth as annoying and wishing she would just shut up which I never thought of in the original book; as haughty as she was.

Perhaps my expectation was high due to many favorable reviews or maybe my funny bone just work differently but I can't help thinking that people are loving this because it spins something new ( there are now countless other reimagining of classic and monsters) but I can't seem to muster a laugh or interest in this particular reimaginings plot.

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