Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 10 - Favorite classic book

This is one of the easiest one. Without a doubt is :

Pride and Prejudice is deservedly lauded as one of Austen best work (some people may argue and will cite Emma or Sense or Sensibility, but I personally think Austen is at her best here). I think at the time she is writing this she is still young so dreams are sweeter thus the book have a certain evergreen feeling of optimism, hopefulness with a side commentary on the social life she was used to.

I think I had mentioned before that my love for this book and the author start from the excellent BBC miniseries. I can't say enough how I love that series (please the movie is nothing, compare to the series. Mary is incredibly beautiful in the movie, while she is suppose to be plain and which is why she resorted to be an insufferable know it all to stop people comparing her between her beautiful sisters, poor thing. ).

This is Colin Firth at the heigh of his yummyliciousness. At the time of filming both of the actor and actress had briefly date.

While I can go on and on and on about Pride and Prejudice, I think it is easier to said in point form to why this is my favorite.

  • I had read this several times over and never getting bored
  • Mr Darcy is incredibly delish in book, series or movie form. ( I prefer Colin Firth)
  • The book packed romance, sharpy witticism,  humour. 
  • Every characters is deliciously human, as garish as Mrs Bennet is, as haughty as Darcy is, as guileless as Jane is.
The reasons I gave above is so short, but really the book is really something wonderful, which is why it is one of my beloved classic. 

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