Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 01 - Best book you read last year

2010 was not really a good year for me in term of reading books. I have no idea why, but perhaps the books that I chose was mostly mediocre. It was mostly chic lits and books that do not meet my expectations. Also, I have a hard time remembering most of the books I read. So if you can't remember the book you read, it does not make much of an impact right?

So choosing the best book I read last year, I come up with the Golden Compass trilogies by Phillip Pullman.

  am not sure when did I actually start reading it, but I finished it around January or February 2010. And I'll just encompass the whole 3 books into one, because really it is one continuous story. 

Why I choose it as the best? I think the reason is easily done in point form

  • The characters are complex, deeply flawed and marvelously human. 
  • I like Lyra. She is manipulative, deceptive but have a clear sense of right and wrong, though the way that she does things is not exactly a do gooder would do. 
  • The stories are amazing. I like it if I can't predict the story and the story goes into an unexpected way.
  • And most of all, the reason why I chose it as the best is because even though a year had past, I kept on remembering bits and extract of the books. I sometimes found myself thinking of the worlds. When I looked at the stars, sometimes I thought of Dust. It left an impact. Any book that does that, had been created well.


Anonymous said...

haha. At first aku pun nk letak golden compass / percy jackson. tapi dua-dua tu aku br baca complete this year bila aku gi big bad wolf! :P so terkeluar dr options lol.

Dils said...

Laju baca buku! Haha. Golden compass tu memang one of the best children's book I read.

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