Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Wedding Day Itself.

Notes: I am not in the best of mood. So it may be a short post or sounds weird or whatever and so malas and could not care less about grammars (which I always sorely lack at) or spellings.

Okay... Continuation of my sis wedding before I forgot.

I woke up the next morning with heavy lidded eyes. Remembered I told you it was tiring yesterday. Well.. that morning, I only felt like I want to be in bed forever. However seeing my sister is already busying herself, I dragged myself out of bed and proceed downstairs to see what can be done.

Preparation are being done left and right. So I picked up the slack which somebody left. We need to be in a hurry since the akad nikah ceremony is at 10am.

That morning I chose to wear to a simple baju kurung. There is no way I am going to make the same mistake of wearing some sorta kebaya during own siblings wedding. Try rushing from one end of the house to the other wearing a kebaya. Bahhh.. Loose baju kurung enough.

However, I need to go to Angsana (where the wedding package dowries were being bought) to pick up the sirih junjung (one of the must for the hantaran) so I need to rush there early in the morning before the bridegroom arrived. However typical shopping mall only opened at 10am. So I had a chance to relax for a while sipping tea while watching my watch anxiously. I brought along the childrens (the extended families sdara2) so they were playing some kinda tag or hide and seek games at the deserted mall.

When I got the slightly forlorn looking sirih junjung (due to our lateness of picking it up, the salesperson couldnt be bothered to spray it with water), I was just in time when the kadi is busy asking my timid brother acting also as wali whatever question they are suppose to ask. Phew~
My sister said earlier she will just did the make up herself. However I very much doubt it. I think probably some one is helping her too. Make up is always best applied when another woman/girl is with you!

During the majlis, my friend Nai manage to slip into the house all the while scolding me that I had given her the wrong information on the time of the wedding. Sorry beb! I guess at 6 am no one is fully sane when they had slept at 3am.

The majlis akad nikah went on without a hitch. The bridegroom have to recite the akad twice though. Heh~ I remembered reading somewhere that women are actually not allowed to hear the lafaz akad thingies. But not sure really.

Anyway, we have a simple brunch and cleaned up pretty fast. And off I goes again to the mall to get the cakes this time. And don't you just hate it , when your hands are filles with boxes of cakes and receipts and wallets and car key and your phone ring. Bahh~ Better left ignored. It was my friends calling, wanting to know where I am since they are at home already! Wooahh..

So manage to see most of my friends back again after almost 3 or 4 years. That was nice. And even though some of us are looking kinda pudgier, more tembam or more kurus. However.. I can say we had not changed! I missed my ol' JB friends crowd and glad they came.

Since this time all the little helpers are exceptionally helpful and efficient in giving out the ice cream and telur pindang to the guests, I manage to catch up with my friends. And they all came together around the same time too. It was mostly because our classmate is also getting married on the same day, so I think thats why we manage to get together for the crowd. Weird to think , one of my buddy married now.

Anyway, after they left.. then the real busy time came. The bersanding was at 2. My sister had finish make up by that time. She look different. Almost like an artist! HAha. Well, she's the beauty of the family. So most people do ahh or ooohhh seeing her later. Around 2.15 the bridegroom came too. However.. the kompang boys were late by half an hour. The pengantin laki was sweating under the stunted coconut tree with only a handfan to cool himself while waiting! It do not feel like a wedding without paluan kompang whut~

Then the most despised adat by other non Johor peoples, but a big hit here. The toll! We had already warned Abg Yin telling him what amount to gave at this particular 'toll'. You see , for you Non Johorean peoples who are foreign to this, when the bridegroom and his best man made his way to the pelamin, he needs to give like toll money to get through. Usually there are like 3 stages. The gates (whicha are usually frequented by young boys and men = around RM 2 each, gave around 3 or 5), the door (frequented by cousins in the teens or young girls = around RM 5 or RM 2, same amount of peoples 2 , 3 or 4) and the pelamin itself..( blocked by the mak sedara2, cousin, sister, and mak andam - need to give the least RM5, the usual RM10 , the mak andam needs to be RM50 at least! and this needs to be given by almost to all of the person at the pelamin. Identify who is the least haggler . Well.. pandai2 la workout a system eh) Now.. who wants to back off from marrying me now.. I understand.

The best man was seen slightly sweating from the pressure of haggling.. anyhow the mak andam not so cruel maa. The bridegroom are allowed to sit at the pelamin at last.

That is the happy bride and the bridegroom. Crappy phone. Forgive the quality.

The tepung tawar began and my job is the one giving the bunga paha . That is however short lived since I was constantly being hampered by a little bratty girl who must think she own the house and refused to hear whatever my advise is. She is moaning saying she wants to give the bunga paha. Since I do not have the patience to deal with bratty girls that day (or any days for that matter) I leave her to it , that until the bunga paha falls down and I had to intervened. And believe me, if I am angry, no one will want me to intervene.

But before that I was also distracted by another bratty kid. My own cousin who is a tad bit hyperactive. Being hyperactive , he is over excited to see lots of peoples whom I probably think he is trying to impress. Being of course again, hyperactive. No one is. He was laughing and pointing to peoples. Shoved money in front of their noses. I was horrified. The mother of course only look on and says " Watie.. amik boy tu".

I had reached my limit when the tepung tawar was going on and the bridegroom mother was 'renjis'ing the happy couple; the bridegroom mother was lame and needs to walk with a cane. During that time; who knows what went in his head, he must have thought it would be fun to seize the cane and shook it like mad while laughing hysterically. For a moment I was filled with the image of a little Damien from The Omen. I grimly disattached him and tarik him screaming and kicking at the side. At last his exasperated mother who of course was only looking all the, calmly ask me to get his father. His father of course says something to the effect that it was my fault before finishing his cigarette and taking his son out.

I am at that point thinking of banning all forms of childrens at my own wedding and wanting to cut my own uterus and throw it out at Pantai Lido.

The banquet feast came and the cutting of the cakes. I am washing my hands off all kids affair and retreat myself to the kitchen. It was still pretty hectic then. But since I do not have to face more diabolical kids, I guess it was fine. Helping the usual things. Ice cream, filling whatever things needs to be filled, being a messenger.

Things got queit a little so I went to my classmate wedding for a while to show my face la at least. Didnt get to eat anything since all had finished! But I glad I came anyway, since I was always interested in meeting his jealous now wife who didnt approved of my friend storing any girls name in the handphone. Talk about possessive! However.. I hope they are happy and she will lose some of the possessiveness a bit after being a wife.

And I met my old dearest friend Yin Yi, who brought along her girlfriend. Met up with Jeffri too who used to be quite fat... but now so slim and hansome and gaya. Dye his hair red some more! Cayalah Jeff! And this is the guy who used to lament about trying in getting some attention from girls. I do believe those days are in the past now, eh.

By the time I got home. The family portrait was taken. Without me. Typical. I am of course well.. a bit mad. Damn, I am a whole lot mad. But whatever. Its always been like that anyway. Who cares. So no need to look for me in the wedding pictures eh.. I am not in any of it.

Then it was over. Leftover was packed. We thanked the neighbour, friends and families who came and helped us out. We rested our tired feeet.

Look how lame my smile was. That is after the wedding. Too tired to pose

ANothEr NoTEs: I am still waiting for the digital camera USB thingies. No idea where the hell is it. You can also catch some of the pics at my friend Nai fotopages.


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