Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The one who came .... bearing card and a fake smile

Salesman. Hate it. Telemarketer. Freak of a species who call at dinner time. Sales assistants that ambled at your side while you are window shopping, making you feel poor and inadequate. Really annoying.

But at least they are strangers. We can snubbed them. Antagonize em. Be rude to em.

What if they are your friends oracquaintances that you usually smile amiably to at kenduri and dinner get together.

Say you had not met this old friend of yours. When they suggest for a meeting to chat, you gladly agreed. I meant.. hey.. this is of course your old friend. The one you laughed with. You went say.. to the latest mamak hotspot of the town. Chatted up, rake up a few memories. Then the friend opened up their knapsack. Out came the insurance / latest direct-selling / illegal pyramid scheme/ preposterous time share documents.

Damn. Gone are all the amiable thoughts and feelings. You put on this fake interested look at your face and listened and nodded your head. In the end, you have to say something along the line of "I'll think about it" while you are actually thinking I can do a whole lot more useful stuffs with my money.

Most of these persons are really quite interested and absorbed in what they are saying themselves, so being your old friend you can't actually let them 'talk to the hand'. Usually too, you can actually looked and guess at the moment when they look at you up expectantly and automatically your mouth says "Ah", "Oh", "OK".

It is quite amusing to hear this facts and figures they bring up and expected you to be impressed. Yes, this guy can bought a house already after going in 1 year into the stuffs. Yes, this stuffs is suppose to saved you a whole lot of money. Yes, this product is suppose to make you feel good about yourself. All the while , you are only thinking of bolting and hoping to not see them again ; at least without any backup or rescue plan.

Don't you just hate it. To be caught unaware like that. And by someone you want to call as your friend. These type of peoples will then be drop to only 'acquaintances' level. I know it is their way to find some extra income. But we are being harangued enough by everyday salesman. And when we are meeting up for a laugh, we are forced to exclaim mentally "Nooooo....... not you too!".

I don't mind much if they say that they are doing this as a side of income and if you are interested do join or call em up. Give em 5 minutes to 10 minutes grace, I'll say. If it is more than that, I will cancel you from my friends get-together-if-you-wanna-have fun-list. You may get a wedding card if I do have room for you.

And if I perhaps am interested, I will take that offer and asked you more information about it. If I am not, do not be pesky and stopped asking me.. "So you want or not?...So very nice one... manyak lugi kalo tak masuk/join/signup,". I will put you to my Invisible Friends notice.

Most of my friends know that I don't dig direct selling stuffs. No matter how lucrative or whatever it is, I still persist thinking it is a scam and a waste of my time. Since I don't like to persuade peoples and that mean also ; do not like others to persuade me too. And if other peoples are selling it to me, I say the usual stuff "I'll think about it" . Take note if you are a friend, I am actually just being polite . And if I lose interest, I will informed you. And stop asking me. Its my own decision. I will not be swayed but I will be annoyed.

Getting money and all that is really nice and all. However do draw a line somewhere eh, if you are finding yourself getting less calls/sms /chats and less invitations to a get together.

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