Friday, December 23, 2005


That should be said in Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtle kinda way. You know. Before the cartoon series went all dark and the ninja turles still have cute eyes.

News for today. Jeng..jeng..jeng! I lost more weight yeah~ Not too much to celebrate too since I probably gain more lines around my face. It had been a stressful and kinda weird week. But.. I am going for jeans shopping tomorrow then!

My jeans are all pretty pitiful. This week make me feel bad = lost of appetite + busy = lose weight. Then this weekend will goes shoppings jeans and clothes and any gadgets + see countless movies + lookup friends = good mood again and a fat chance of fattening up!

Been woke up by niece Alisha who always manage to get into the room and hunt for my spectacles. When I sleep I always put my handphone and spectacles next to pillows. So I don't have to hunt for it when I woke up later on. It makes it much easier .. say if it got emergency like fire.. or bomb attacks or alien invasion and needs to jump off the bed, right.

My 1 and half year old niece is a pretty observant. So if she can get away and get into my room early in the morning, the first thing she will do is poke her small hands around my pillows and try to poke me in the cheek and the eye to see if I really am asleep. Not very observant there. Peoples sometimes asked me why I woke up early even in the weekend. Voila~ You got the reason.

And usually my dreams are really really sad.. (you know what I meant - no.. i rephrase this , I don't want you to know what I meant) , or really really tired (running around at staircase.. I dreamt this a lot) , or ar.. you know.. well.. that kinda dreams. However last night I dreamt I got a new credit card and I was a lesbian. I do not dream of any sexual acts being done okay, so you can cancel that thought out. And I remembered in my dream , I was really happy. Hermmm.. I wonder if being the lesbian or the credit card that gave me such unexplainable happiness.

Notes: AH.. I added a bit here and there.. since I noticed there is a lot of mistakes here and there, even though there might be some other mistakes here and there. But I'm cranky + thoughts of getting my paycheck getting to my head = I am mixed basketcase!

Notes 2: SHeeshhh.... Ok.


Unta@Jitra said...

Hoho ade moderated ek... bagus2... takut kene spam hehe... anyway kuar error kt shoutbox tu... maybe browser aku... anyway, udah link hehe...

n, siyesly u're slimmer than before... keep it up... no i mean maintain, bukan soh tambah lg hahahaha... nice blog anyway... bole kill time aku sengal2 ni

Dila said...

haha.. Ade.. bosan je tgk sepam sepam ni.

Oh and .. tq and tq for both compliment (i think). Keep it down tu.. haha.. tgk je la..

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