Friday, December 02, 2005

Dear Aunt Agony,

I don't blog much about my work?

I don't know why. I just don't feel like it. Its not that interesting. Or maybe , I just want to forget about it.

Its not half bad. I wrote load of emails. Chat with a load of peoples around the world. Get calls from a load of peoples around the world too. Less call nowadays. More chat and emails. By the end of the week ,my fingers are a bit sprained.

Its like being Aunt Agony.

Dear Auntie Agony,

My boyfriend had left me for another man. I feel like dying and slitting my wrist. What does he have that I don't have?

Really lonely gal.

... Only much insult prone. Of course my type of emails is something like this..

Dear Support,

Your lousy product had now crashed my computer when I had installed it. I try to call your Support but couldn't get through.

Your product is crap. And I wish I had bought your competitor's product instead. I now have to brought the computer to the computer technician and the bills far exceed the price I bought your oh-so-wonderful product that is supposedly to protect me against any threat.

I want your company to compensate for my loss or I will see you in Court.

A Very Pissed Off Person.

Yes, we live in such a nice cheery world, where every humans is so courteous to each other.

Now, remind me again why I don't blog much about my work?


taqiyuddin bakir said...

hmm this makes me wonder. Why do i want to quit my job?

Dila said...

the environment? Lack of job?

I believe the environment..

Another good job opportunities

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