Thursday, December 15, 2005

Inane Ramblings

Hey.. its been a long time since I did that.

Its not that I do not have any clear topic to blog about. There are a lots of things to tell too.. since I had just got back from my sis wedding. But still a wedding is best appreciated with pictures. This is because I am PLAIN Ol' LAZY.

To update with pictures, let me just search for the always missing cable that will link my camera phone and the digital camera to my computer. That of course would take ages. One my many failings apart from being lazy is also procrastinate.

So here I am ... Just feel like blogging. And typed about nonsensical thing. Oh this month I will be working the 12.45 pm shift to 10pm shift. This resulted in me being lazy when the clock hit 8pm. Really. Right now ; The office is cold. I can hear the surau reciting Quran verse. Outside is dark. There are less than 5 peoples in the office. Do not blame me if I am lazy. The environment practically begs for it ::Yawn::

And despite my really long list of YM friends, I have none whom I can chat with to kill the boredom. Either they are also misusing the company bandwidth or they are too busy with their 8pm activities (TV shows pretty good, dinner are served, family time) or I am too boring to hold a senseless conversation with (Ego bruising it might be .. however needs to face that this possibility exist) . So here I am .

Not to mention I am damn hungry. Peoples are wondering how did I look a bit slimmer ( I put a 'bit' and the 'er' yee to show comparison. So let no one say : "You are not slim" or "You are as fat as ever". I might be feeling murderous) Yes. Blamed laziness! Yeay ! To get to the office early so not to get another 'advise' from TL I skipped my lunch. Really frivolous to waste that time to buy lunch or eat whut. Sleeping and reviewing back the scenes of my beloved jdorama are better. Go round in circles searching for parking at 12pm at KLCC. Arrived at the office slightly panting. By 5 pm am feeling ravenous. Go to cafe below, closed. Feeling too lazy to go to the Food Court which I am unsure will still have edible food by that time . By 8pm (now) , I am ready to eat a crocodile before they can 'ngap' me.

So.... nah. No conclusion can be given. Perhaps this would served as a conclusion or closing. I could eat you!

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